This year for Mother’s Day I created a simple, easy gift that could easily be used for a birthday, holiday, get well, or thinking of you gift, as well. I made some adorable mason jar flower planters. Mason jars are so popular right now and for good reason – they are so versatile!

Mason Jar Flower Planters Gift

Mason Jar Flower Planter

Supplies Needed (contains affiliate links):

Step One: Clean your mason jar really well with soap and water. You could also use any clean, glass jar for this project. This is a great way to upcycle those old pickle and olive jars!

thoroughly wash mason jars


Fill the bottom with a handful of decorative stones. This will allow for adequate drainage when watering your finished planter.

decorative stones fill bottom of mason jar with stones

Step Two: Fill your mason jar about halfway full with potting soil.

fill mason jar halfway with dirt

Step Three: Add your plant.

add plant to mason jar

Step Four: Add more potting soil to fill in around your plant.

use potting soil to fill in next to plant

Step Five: Decorate with twine or ribbon and a pretty tag. (I found these tags at my local Dollar General store.)

labels from Dollar General

To make a quick and easy Mother’s Day gift for my stepmom, mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law, I added text saying ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to a picture and had it printed out. (You can easily do this with a free photo editing software like I placed it in a frame and along with my cute mason jar planter, we had a thoughtful gift for the moms. 

Mason Jar Flower Planter Mother's Day Gift  {Laura's Crafty Life}

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    • I gave these as gifts so I am not entirely sure. I figure they would hold up the same as any other small potted plant. Since I planted marigolds and they are annuals, they might not last as long as planting some type of house plant or flower! The main tip I can give you is to be sure to use rocks in the bottom, since there is no drainage hole in the jar. Hope that helps! xo, Laura

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