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Mother’s Day is a little over two weeks away. I have always thought handmade gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day are the most meaningful. When I was little I would make cards out of construction paper and markers. My crafts have come a long way, but just knowing I put the time and effort into creating something handmade makes the gifts so much more special. Martha Stewart Crafts makes it easy to create beautiful, thoughtful, handmade gifts with the new line of glass paints, tools and etching cream.

I created two different projects using the products I received from Plaid. If you follow along with me on Instagram, you saw this big box of goodies I got to play with!

I started by creating a project with the glass paints, silk screens and squeegee tools. I love fresh cut flowers as much as the next gal, but for gifts I often like to give a potted plant. They last so much longer, and some of them can even be planted in the garden to enjoy for years to come! 

I didn’t just want to put my plant in a plain, boring pot though. I received this package of gorgeous silk screen designs. I was a little intimidated at first to try them out, but they were a cinch to use.

First, cut out your design from the larger sheet of silkscreens. (There are guide lines pre-printed right onto the sheet.) Next, you want to thoroughly clean your container. The glass paints will work on almost any glass or ceramic surface. Give your container a good scrub with soap and water. Then wipe the area you will be working on with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining residues that may be on there.

Peel your silk screen design off of the backing sheet. I chose a pretty butterfly design. Attach to your glass or ceramic surface. The back is slightly sticky.

Squeeze paint onto the design part of your silkscreen. These glass paints are great for smaller designs because they have a pointed applicator tip. 

Smooth the paint over the silkscreen design using the squeegee tool. For this small butterfly design I used the medium sized one (1/2 inch).

Carefully peel off your silk screen, using care not to smudge your design. 

Rinse your silk screen with water and it is ready to use again.  (I re-used this one silk screen at least 10 times on this project. By the end most of the stickiness on the bag was gone, but you could probably just use spray adhesive to attach it to your next project.)

I placed random butterflies all over the pot using the ‘Vanilla bean’ gloss paint. I allowed this to dry for about 30 minutes before I added a design to the top and more butterflies to the sides with the ‘Pool’ gloss paint.

You can air cure your glass project for 21 days or you can cure it in the oven. If you choose to cure it in the oven, let it air dry for 1 hour, then bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. Your glass or ceramic pieces will be top rack dishwasher safe.

I also received etching cream and really wanted to try it. I have been nervous to try this product, but I wish I would have purchased it sooner. It is so fun and easy to use.

First, you will start again with preparing your surface. Wash with soapy water, dry and then clean with rubbing alcohol. I used the silkscreen designs again for this project. If needed, cut out your design from the larger sheet of silkscreens. Apply to your desired surface.

Apply a thick layer of etching cream using the supplied brush. 

Peel off your silkscreen stencil and rinse with water. Allow your surface to sit for 15 minutes. After this time, rinse off the etching cream with water.

The first pattern I chose did not completely cover my glass. I waited until the first application was completely finished before applying the second half of the design. It was a little tricky to line up the stencil and I didn’t get great coverage at the corner of one of the designs. This is something that will just take some practice, I think.

Tip: You definitely want to leave the etching cream on for the recommended period of time. Don’t be shy with it either! (Trust me, I learned about this from experience with one of the votives I didn’t end up showing you!)

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