Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Some years I simply purchase a gift, but since I am a crafter at heart, I think making a handmade gift is extra special. Today I am going to show you how to make a Mother’s Day charm jewelry set including a necklace, bracelet, and matching earrings. There are only two simple techniques to master to create this pretty set. You can personalize it with different charms or beads to make it just right for the special mom in your life.

How to Make Mother's Day Charm Jewelry Tutorial

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* if you are not making all three pieces of jewelry you will not need all of these beading supplies

First of all, I am going to walk you through the two basic techniques we will be using to create these jewelry pieces – opening a jump ring and making a wire wrapped loop. 

How to Open a Jump Ring

To open a jump ring, you will need two sets of pliers. You would usually use two flat nose pliers, but it works just as well with a flat nose plier and a round nose plier, which are the tools we are using in this tutorial.

Using your flat nose pliers, grab the jump ring on one side of the opening. Then, using your other pliers in the opposite hand, grab the jump ring on the opposite side.

Use a twisting motion to open the jump ring. One hand will rotate towards you and the other away from you. 

Now you can add any additional items to the jump ring. Place it on your jewelry piece and follow the steps in reverse to close the jump ring.

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Loop

I do not make my wire wrapped loops in a conventional way, so if these instructions seem confusing you can find other tutorials on how to do this online. I like to create a less uniform wrap, so this method works well. It also helps to hide any imperfections in your wrapping technique.

Start by sliding your bead (or beads) on your head pin.

Next, using your flat nose or round nose pliers, bend the wire at a 90° angle. 

Make sure to leave a little space above the bead and below the bend. This is where you will do the wire wrapping.

Using your round nose pliers, twist a loop in the wire just above the bend.

With the loop still on the round nose pliers, grab the loose end of the wire with your flat nose pliers. Use the pliers to wrap the excess wire around the space between the bead and your loop.

Wrap the wire at least three times around, and then snip any excess wire with your wire cutters.

The finished bead will look like the picture below. You will see the wire wrapping isn’t very symmetrical.

Note: The traditional way to create a wire wrapped loop is to create the loop with the round nose pliers, then move the loop from the top to the bottom of the round nose pliers to finish making your complete loop. Then you grasp the loop itself with your flat nose pliers. Using your fingers or another pair of pliers grab the end of the wire and coil the wire around the upright wire between your bead and the loop until you reach the top of the bead. Then snip the excess wire with your wire cutters.

You can see below the wire wrapping looks much neater and more symmetrical. I find this can be somewhat unforgiving if you are just starting out.

How to Make Mother’s Day Charm Necklace

For the necklace, you need a chain, 2 head pins, 2 beads, 2 jump rings, and a mom charm.

You will create two beads using the wire wrapped looped tutorial above. Make one pearl and one crystal bead. Add a jump ring to each bead loop. Then, you will add the two beads and the Mother’s Day charm to your necklace chain.

How to Make Mother’s Day Charm Bracelet

For the bracelet, you will need the bangle bracelet, 2 head pins, 2 jump rings, 2 beads, and one mom charm.

Again, just like with the necklace, you will create two beads using the wire wrap technique – one pearl and one crystal. Use a jump ring to connect each bead to the bangle bracelet.

Open the jump ring on the Mother’s Day charm and add it to the bangle as well.

How to Make Bead Earrings

For the earrings, you will need 2 fish hook earring wires, 2 head pins, 4 crystal beads, 2 pearl beads, and 4 spacers.

Layout the design of your beads and spacers. My pattern for these earrings is crystal bead, spacer, pearl bead, spacer, crystal bead. Thread all the beads on your head pin.

Use the wire wrapped loop technique to create a loop at the top of the beads.

Finally, there are two options for attaching the beaded wire to the fish hook. You can open the bottom of the fish hook just like you would a jump ring and add the looped wire. Or, you can use a jump ring to attach the fish hook loop to the wire wrapped bead loop.

Oriental Trading has so many beads to choose from. You could easily create any color combination you would like for this jewelry set. You could do a charm or pearl for each birthstone of the children or grandchildren. Or you could do your mom’s favorite color or even her own birthstone colors. The options are endless.

How to make Mother's Day Charm Jewelry - Pink

Pink Beaded Mother's Day Charm Jewelry Set

How to make Mother's Day Charm Jewelry - Green

Green Beaded Mother's Day Charm Jewelry Set

How to make Mother's Day Charm Jewelry - Blue

Blue Beaded Mother's Day Charm Jewelry Set

You can find more Mother’s Day ideas and supplies at Oriental Trading Co.

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