Today, I am going to show you how easy it is to create a Make It Now project with your Cricut Explore machine and Cricut Design Space. Make It Now projects are so easy to create – just gather your supplies and go! I am going to walk you through how to create a Mother’s Day card, some tips on how to customize a Make It Now project to make it your own, plus how to use some of the tools in the Cricut Tool set.

How to use the Make It Now feature in Cricut Design Space

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Will it be easy for me to use the Cricut software to create Make it Now projects?

To start, open Cricut Design Space. On the right upper corner, there is a drop down menu that says All Categories. This allows you to select a project based on a holiday, theme, or material. Since we are making a Mother’s Day card, we will select the option Cards: Mother’s Day.

Choose category of Make It Now project

Click on the card you want to make. We are making the Lace Floral Card that is included in the Cricut Access Subscription.

Mother's Day - Make it Now Cards

When you click on a project it will show you the title, a description, materials list, instructions, and the project resources (the images you need from Design Space) to create your project.

Lace Floral Card - Cricut Design Space

Note: I like to pull out all my materials I need before I get started. This way, I am certain I have everything I need as well as choose any custom materials that may be different from the original project.

Click the green Make It Now button.

Since this is a Make It Now project, you will be skipping the design screen and going straight to the cutting mats. It will show you which papers or materials to place on each mat. Select the green Go button.

Cutting mats for Make It Now card

Helpful tip: This is the time to select multiple project copies if needed.

Before you cut each mat, be sure your Smart Set Dial is the correct setting. Also, make sure any accessories needed, like a pen or scoring stylus, are installed. Place your material on your mat and load it into the machine by pressing the flashing arrow button. Once your mat is loaded, click the Cricut button to start cutting.

For this project, we are cutting out green leaves, a doily, a pink card base, a patterned paper background, and white flowers for a total of 5 mats. Both the vellum I used for the doily and the patterned paper for the card background require a Light Grip cutting mat.

To help get your delicate pieces off the mat, use your spatula tool to loosen the edges from the mat.

You can use your weeder to remove any small pieces remaining in your paper. This tool was really helpful to get all those tiny pieces out of the doily shape.

Weeder Tool - Cricut Essential Tool Kit

Once you have your pieces cut out you will have excess materials left on the mat. Use your scraper to remove them quickly to clean your mat.

For the card base, you will need to insert your scoring tool into accessory clamp A. This will allow the machine to score a fold line on the card.

Use the scoring stylus with your Cricut Explore to score lines

How to Assemble the Card

Once you have all your project pieces cut, it is time to assemble the card. Start by folding the card base in half. Attach the patterned paper cut out to the front of the card with adhesive.

Fold the doily shape in half and use adhesive to attach it to the top of the card.

Use a brad to connect all three flower pieces together. I try to bend the petals up a little before assembling them.

Use adhesive to attach the leaves to the back of the flower. Attach the entire flower shape to the front of the card.

Cricut Design Space Make It Now Mother's Day card

How to Customize a Make It Now Project

It is easy if you want to customize your Make It Now project. Once you choose your project, instead of clicking Make It Now, you will choose Customize.

Customize Make It Now project

This will open the Design Space software for you to edit any portion of the card you would like. You could add more flowers, change the colors of the images to help you when cutting, add text, and more.

Make It Now Lace Floral Card - customize

I want to add some writing to the inside of the card. I started by moving all the extra pieces out of the way and rotated the card 90° so I could add text to the bottom half of the inside of the card.

Rotate card to add text

I added a text box, centered my wording, and typed out “Happy Mother’s Day Love, Laura”. I selected from the drop down menu fonts that Has a Writing Style. The font I selected was Yours Truly.

Change font style

To correct the spacing I adjusted the Letter Spacing number until all the letters were connected. I sized the wording to fit inside the card. Then, I adjusted the color of the writing to be sure it would look nice on my pink background with the pen I was planning to use.

Once I had everything just how I wanted it, I selected both the card base and the writing and clicked Attach. This ensures that the writing will be in the correct place on my card.

Add text to inside of card

Cricut Design Space: Customized Lace Floral Card

Now, click Go and cut out each image just as you did before with the original Make It Now project. Cricut Design Space will prompt you when to add the scoring stylus and when to add the pen, as each one uses accessory clamp A.

I hope this helped you learn how easy it is to create a Make It Now project with Cricut Design Space. It takes all the guesswork out of making a beautiful project. 

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