I am in full force party planning mode for my son’s LEGO Ninjago birthday party next month. I tend to go a little overboard when throwing parties, so this year I wanted to be more realistic and organized so I don’t stress myself out so much. Parties should be fun, right?

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Free Party Planning Printables

I created a set of free party planning printables to keep it all together. I have a section in my home management binder for holiday and event planning and these worksheets are perfect. For other parties I have thrown in the past, I had this information but it was written down all over the place – in notebooks, on paper, and on post its.

Free printable party planner - a place to track expenses, guest list, schedule, and details

Download: Party Planning Printables

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Party Planning Schedule

First up, is a party planning timeline or schedule. This is my way of staying on track and making sure I have enough time to complete everything! You might not need quite as much time as I do to plan your parties but since my family’s birthdays happen around the busiest time of the year, I need a lot of time to prepare. And if you are a crafter like me, you probably make a lot of decorations, etc. for your parties and that requires more time.

Free printable party planning schedule and timeline


Printable Guest List

Next, I created a guest list tracker. This is the place to record anything and everything about who is coming. You can check off if an invitation has been sent, whether the guest can come or not, as well as record how many people will be coming, what gift the person gave, and that a thank you card has been sent.

Free printable guest list tracker

Note: I have seen some printables with places to list addresses, but I have an address book (both paper and online) and it would be redundant to have to write all that information down for a party.

Party Details Printable

The next page has a place to record party details like the theme, date, time, and place. There is a section to record what food and drinks you will be serving at the party as well as a place to jot down a shopping list as you think of things you need to purchase.

What is a party without decorations, games, and favors? The following page has sections to record what party supplies you need, how you plan to decorate, what games you will play and what to include in the party favors. There is also a small section at the bottom for any additional notes.

Free printable party details planner

Expenses Printable

Every party has a budget. If you are not careful it is easy to overspend and purchase more for a party than you can realistically afford. The last page can be used for party planning but could also be used for everyday expenses. I like to tally up how much I am spending on our parties as I go to help me keep my budget in check. This sheet lets me keep all that information in one convenient location.

Free printable expenses tracker

Helpful tip: Tape an empty envelope to the back of the page to store receipts in. This helps to keep me organized as well as make those receipts easy to find in case I need to return or exchange anything!

So, there you have it. All your party planning in one convenient, organized location. These sheets can be used for any party, birthday, or holiday entertaining like Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Download: Party Planning Printables

Helpful tip to make them reusable:

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  1. I was wanting to know which font you used? I absolutely LOVE your printables and wanted to add a few things such as addresses for thank you cards.

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