Every year for the last three years, The Nester has organized a series for October in which you post on one single topic every day for the month of October -31 days. I didn’t find out about it until too late last year, but this year I am planning on participating.

Earlier this month, I started brainstorming about what topic I could write about for 31 days straight. Honestly, I could probably do a 31 day series about planning a Lego Ninjago party, but that really won’t appeal to most people (imagine that!). I needed to choose a topic that would be helpful and is something I am already working on. I almost decided to do a series on 31 days of finishing up unfinished craft projects, but I have so much else on my plate right now, I figured I wouldn’t really be able to commit to that.

The only other option I thought other people might like to follow along with would be to work with me in my fall cleaning schedule. This is the same schedule I do in the spring. I have been pretty bad about doing it the last few seasons, so I figured if I committed to blogging about it for 31 days I would have to get it done! Win, win for everyone. Hence, the ’31 days of deep cleaning your home’ was born!

This will not include basic home keeping like dishes, laundry and vacuuming. No. This is the nitty gritty, I look at this every day and it looks gross, but I don’t feel like doing it kind of cleaning. Dusting cobwebs, cleaning ceiling fans, scrubbing out the oven, cleaning baseboards. Basically 31 different projects to make your home sparkle! This is perfect timing I think for most of us. October officially kicks off the holiday season with Halloween and how nice will it be to have all these items checked off your list before the rush starts?
Whose with me? 
If you are a blogger, you still have time to join in this fun series. Here is a link to The Nesting Place, explaining all about the 31 day series as well as some buttons you can download and customize for your own series. 

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  1. I don’t blog consistently enough to join but you can bet I’ll be following along. I need to clean my house and I bet it’ll take more than 31 days.

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