I have accumulated quite a lot of acrylic craft paints over the years. I have tried a lot of different storage solutions over the years. I am loving the one I am using now. They are all neatly displayed and I can find exactly what I am looking for. Today, I am going to show you how I created my craft paint storage crates.

Craft paint storage ideas for your craft room

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Craft Paint Storage

Before I had as many paints as I do now, I was storing all my craft paints in a divided drawer that was part of my craft desk. I always store my paints with the bottoms facing up or out so I can see the color clearly.

Craft paint storage in storage cube drawer

The drawer has dividers, so the paints stayed organized. But soon the drawer became very heavy and hard to open. Plus, I had too many paints to fit in the drawer. I needed a new solution to hold all my paints and allow my collection of paints to grow over time.


I started with two plain wooden crates from Michaels.

Wooden storage crate from MichaelsYou could certainly leave the crate with bare wood, but I wanted mine to look a little more finished. I painted the crates with gold metallic acrylic paint. It took two coats of paint.

Paint wooden crate with gold metallic acrylic paint

While I waited for the paint to dry, I cut a piece of acrylic to fit inside each crate. I found an 11″ x 14″ piece of plastic safety glass at Hobby Lobby. With my coupon, this was cheaper than buying polyacrylic or plexiglass from the hardware store.

Use plastic to add bottom to wooden crate

Note: I originally tried to put the paints in the crates without the acrylic piece. Even though the crates were flush against the wall, the paints in the middle would get pushed to the back and it created a lot of problems for getting the paints in and out.

Add acrylic to bottom of wooden crate

I like that you can’t see the plastic, but it allows all the paints to sit flush against the back of the crate. I store the two crates stacked on a shelf in my craft room. I love that I can add another crate if I get more paints.

Craft paint storage using wooden crate

How do you store your craft paints?

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