We have been trying hard to get our finances in order this year. My husband is in sales and works on commission, and I am self-employed running this blog, so our financial situation varies a lot from month to month. We have been paying down our debt so hopefully, in the next few years, we can move to a property with a lot more land. However, being in the trenches of paying off debt can be a little dreary and exhausting. I wanted a way to brighten all our spirits, so I created a clay pot savings jar for us to put our loose change into to save for a little adventure of some sort.

Clay pot savings jar tutorial using the Cricut

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Clay Pot Savings Jar


Start by painting your clay pot with acrylic paint. I chose a pretty aqua color. Allow it to dry.

Paint the clay pot with acrylic paint

Painted clay pot with Dutch Aqua FolkArt

Add additional coats to cover. I used two coats of paint and had good coverage.

While the paint is drying, use your drill and a drill bit slightly larger than the screw on the glass knob to drill a hole in the middle of the glass jar lid.

Drill hole in top of lid of jar

Attach the glass knob to the metal lid of the glass jar.

Screw knob into hole in lid

Note: I didn’t worry about sanding down or evening out the rough edges from drilling since my knob and the washer covered it. Yours may be different, so be sure there are no rough metal edges sticking out.

Next, cut out the glitter vinyl design using your Cricut machine.

Adventure Fund Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space File: Adventure Fund

Images I used for this design: World #M275FF14 | Adventure Seeker #M11B72E | Arrow #M33DD0

Use Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut out glitter vinyl

Once the designs are cut out weed the vinyl using a weeding tool.

Weed excess glitter vinyl from savings jar design

Apply the vinyl design to the pot and the glass jar using strong grip transfer tape.

Use strong grip transfer tape to transfer design

Helpful tip: I found it easier to cut apart the design and work in small sections to apply the world map to the clay pot. Since the pot is rounded and goes from narrow at the top to wider at the bottom, it can be hard to transfer large pieces of vinyl.

Use a strong adhesive to apply a layer of glue to the clay pot and secure your glass jar to the pot.

Power tac to attach glass jar to pot

Clay Pot Savings Jar

Now our jar is ready to add in loose change or extra money we have left over at the end of the month that isn’t being applied to our debt.

Adventure Fund Savings Jar

This simple design would work great for any kind of savings, but also you could change up the vinyl and use it to store craft supplies, candy, or just about any small item.

Travel Savings Jar tutorial

This post is a part of Craft Lighting Clay Pot edition. Be sure to check out the host blogs all week to see even more easy and quick 15 minute crafts using clay pots: The Country Chic Cottage | 30 Minute Crafts | Morena’s Corner

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