Do you have a little girl in your life that has an American Girl doll? Have you ever looked to see how much their clothes cost? Let me just say I spend less money on my own clothes than I would have for these dolls. But they are adorable, and I can’t wait for my daughter to be bigger so we can get her one (or maybe one of the knock off 18″ dolls from Target – we will see!) However, my niece, has one and my brother suggested that she would love some clothes for her doll for Christmas.

So off to Jo Anns I went!

My sewing skills are not spectacular, so I chose a pattern that I thought I could do with relative ease. Here is the one that I chose from Simplicity. (*Tip: These patterns go on sale all the time at the craft stores. Never pay full price! I got this one for $1.99.)

Pattern 2302

Cute, right?

I had both kids with me at the store when I had to get the fabric, so I needed to be quick about making my choices. I didn’t have time to stand at the cutting counter. Luckily, they have these great bundles of pre-coordinated fabric for quilting that work perfect for doll clothes. I could make about 8 more outfits out of the leftover fabric!
I got to work sewing and here is what I came up with. 
A dress. Her arms fit through two slits in the side and ties at the top around the neck with ribbon.
A top that ties in the back at the top and bottom, and two skirts.
I felt like it was missing a little something, so I got a really cute pair of shoes from Jo Anns as well (not shown).
I think my niece will love them. Plus, now I have a pattern for when my little girl gets big enough for one of these dolls. And I was able to make 4 items for her doll for less than what I could have paid for one at the store! 

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  1. Perfect timing for this. Santa is bringing an American Girl doll to our house this year, but not with any extra outfits. I’ve found a couple of patterns online, but I’ll definitely have to look for this one and use some of my fabric stash. Your niece will love these!

  2. Simply adorable! I have a daughter as well, but she’s not into the American girl yet. I don’t sew and don’t like it either, but that’s my mother’s in low’s hobbie, so lucky me!!! I found your blog today and I like it soooo much, I love to scrapbook and to do some simple crafts since I’m not that good at that, but some of your projects are really simple and I think I can do some of them ;-) Thanks a lot for inspiring me! Angelica

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