Happy New Year!

Focus (verb)

to concentrate attention or effort

This year in addition to writing my resolutions and goals for 2013, I wanted to choose a word for the “why” of what I am doing. I have been thinking for several days about what I want to accomplish this year and the word ‘focus‘ kept jumping out at me.
I tend to be a perfectionist and with that comes disorganization. I know it doesn’t seem like the two should go together, but I tend to overwhelm myself with details. This results in a lot of unfinished projects because I can’t seem to get all the little particulars just the way I want. I also tend to jump from project to project. No clear focus on what to do next. I sometimes don’t start at all because I don’t think I can do it just right. My brain is all over the map!
I am great at organizing – other people’s things. My own stuff? Not so much. I have been told I should be a professional organizer. I am great at dealing with other people’s clutter, but I have piles of crap all over my house! It is so frustrating. And it really is just my stuff, my husband’s and kid’s items all have a specific place. I guess it is finally time for me to take my own advice!
Also, the word focus jumps out at me because I really do want to focus on what is important this year. What the true priorities in my life are – family, my kids, making my marriage a priority, making time for myself, nurturing my friendships, and growing this little blog of mine into a real business.
I don’t know if anyone else feels the same, but I tend to flit around from project to project all day, not really getting anything accomplished. I am excellent at multitasking, but as a result everything suffers because nothing is getting my full attention. I only give my kids partial attention while I am doing laundry or some other household task. I try to blog while watching TV and spending time with my hubby. I tend to pull myself in a million directions not giving anything in my life the attention it deserves.
So this year, I am going to FOCUS! I am going to try to uni-task instead of multitask. I am going to spend more quality, uninterrupted time with my kids and my husband. I am going to focus on myself a little more so that I can have more to give everyone else. I am going to create a routine for my day that allows me time for all of these things. Wish me luck!

To keep myself on track, I created this beautiful calendar using the 2013 Retro Calendars I received from Kristy at Life-n-Reflection last month. Using photoshop I added two of my favorite pictures from last year – one off my husband and me and a picture of my kids. I changed the words, ‘Our Story’, to ‘Focus’ to remind myself of my goal.

You can watch this Video Tutorial to learn how to clip your photos into the calendar.

I printed out the calendar on regular printer paper, cut it out and mounted it on cardstock. It is now hanging on my cork board above my desk.

So here is to a FOCUSED New Year!

Do you write resolutions or pick a theme for the year? I would love to read about some in the comments.

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Disclosure: I received the 2013 Retro Calendar by being a Life-n-Reflection affiliate. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Laura, you made me laugh out with your “uni-task”. This is so true, what’s the point of multitasking if we don’t finish our tasks or give them each our very best. Love your word for 2013 – and that is a brilliant idea to add to your calendar!

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