I have been working hard on getting my gallery wall up in my front entryway this week. I broke out the power tools and got started. This may not have been such a good idea with a hurt wrist, but I mostly used my good hand to work on this project.

DIY Wooden Welcome Sign made with scrap lumber and vinyl from Dollar Tree

Supplies needed:

I wanted a few pieces on the gallery wall that were not actual photographs in frames but instead pieces of art. They needed to incorporate some of the colors I am trying to tie into my home. This piece all started with a vinyl wall art sticker I found at Dollar Tree.

Vinyl wall sticker from Dollar Tree

I originally planned on using the whole saying but I didn’t have the right size scrap wood to fit the word welcome plus the lower words.  I found a thin piece of wood that would be long enough in my scrap wood pile. Using the sign as a guide, I made a mark on the wood where I would need to make my cut.

Lay vinyl on scrap wood and mark placement

Then, I used my combination square to mark a straight line.

Use combination square to mark a straight line

I used my Ryobi compound miter saw to cut the wood to the correct size, using my line as a guide. You could also use a circular saw for this part.

Use compound miter saw to cut wood

Then I sanded the wood smooth with my Ryobi hand sander. I mostly just sanded off the rough edges. I wanted this piece to have the old weathered wood look, so I didn’t want to sand out all of the imperfections in the wood.

Sand wood with Ryobi hand sander

For painting, I used Krylon Spray Paint in Periwinkle Satin.

Krylon Satin Periwinkle spray paint

I added a very light coat of paint.

Note: I had thought about using primer, but once I distressed the wood after it was painted I didn’t want the white to show through. If you are worried about coverage or staying power, you can use a spray paint that is paint and primer in one.

Once the first coat dried to the touch, I added a second coat of paint.

Wood after second coat of paint

 Then I sanded the whole thing again, focusing on the edges to give it a distressed, old wood feel.

Lastly, I carefully added the ‘Welcome’ vinyl. This piece of art only cost me $1.00 for the vinyl, since I already had the wood and spray paint on hand. Not too shabby!

Wooden Welcome Sign

I added some picture hanging hardware to the back so I would be able to hang it up on the wall.

Use picture hanging hardware to back of wood


I think this is going to be a great addition to my gallery wall. I can’t wait to show you it all put together.

Wooden welcome sign with vinyl from Dollar Tree

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