I love to make handmade ornaments both for our own tree as well as for gifts. Using just a few simple supplies, you, too, can create a beautiful winter wonderland handmade ornament. 

My friend, Diana, from The Girl Creative organized a really fun Handmade Christmas Ornament Blog Hop. Over 30 bloggers participated to create a unique handmade ornament to share with our readers! At the bottom of this post you can find the links to see how to make each of these amazing ornaments!

Handmade Christms Ornaments Blog Hop


Winter Wonderland Handmade Ornament

Supplies needed:

  • Craft plastic ornament
  • Frosty Snow
  • Sisal trees
  • Mini snowflake ornaments

Supplies needed for handmade ornament

Note: All supplies were purchased at Michael’s.

You will start by adding snow to your ornament. I used a funnel to help contain the mess a little.

Use funnel to add snow to ornament

Next, I attached four of the small mini glitter snowflakes to the ornament top. I used the silver ornament ties that came with my mini snowflakes. I knotted the tie to one of the snowflakes.

Add ornament string to glittered snowflakes

Next, I looped the tie through the top two holes in the ornament hanger. I then tied the second snowflake to the loose end of the tie. 

Loop ornament string through top of ornament

 I did this a second time with the additional two snowflakes. I carefully placed two of the small sisal trees down into the ornament. The will fall over if you are not careful. (Another option would be to add a little bit of adhesive to the sisal trees and glue them to the bottom of the ornament before adding the snow.)

Carefully add your snowflake ornament hanger back into the ornament.

Winter Wonderland Handmade Ornament - Laura's Crafty Life Snowflake and Christmas Tree Ornament

I added a twine hanger to the top of my ornament to be able to hang it on the tree. 

Now, it is time to hop around and see all the other great handmade Christmas ornaments!

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