A few years ago my mother-in-law gifted me with her holiday decorations. She usually puts up a small tree but doesn’t decorate like she used to. I am grateful to be able to keep some of the traditions from my husband’s childhood alive in our own home with our kids. One of the things she gave me was some old strands of Christmas lights. Sorry to say they just seemed like a big scary fire hazard to me. I didn’t want to toss them out though. I salvaged as many of the bulbs as I could to create these vintage glitter bulbs to place in a bowl for display.

How to make vintage glitter Christmas lightbulbs

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Vintage Glitter Bulbs

This project is so easy and turned out so pretty. My daughter helped me get them all done. I started by removing all the bulbs I could salvage and giving them a quick rinse to remove any dirt and dust. I dried each one thoroughly.

Vintage Christmas Lightbulbs

Use gloss decoupage and a paintbrush to cover each bulb (on the glass only). Do not paint on the metal part of the light bulb.

Apply gloss decoupage glue to lightbulb

I carefully sprinkled on the glitter that matched each bulb. You can get inexpensive packs of glitter at Dollar Tree.

Add glitter to lightbulb

Helpful tip: I highly recommend one of these trays if you craft with glitter or small beads. It helps to contain the mess and you can easily pour the glitter back into the container when you are done. It helps to use a dry paintbrush to get all the glitter down to the spout.

Glitter Lightbulb

Allow the bulbs to dry thoroughly. Since this is my first year displaying them I am leaving them as is. However, if a lot of the glitter seems to come off I will spray them with some clear sealer or brush on an additional couple layers of decoupage over the glitter to seal it all in.

Let glitter lightbulbs dry completely

I love how these look in the glass bowl. It makes me happy to be able to repurpose old things to make them new again!

Vintage Christmas Glitter Lightbulbs

Vintage Christmas Glitter Bulbs

Vintage Glitter Bulbs

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