Each month my dear friend, Laura Kelly sends the Laura’s Are Cool blog ladies a fun package of goodies and challenges us to create something with the supplies.  This time around we got some fun supplies from I Love to Create from the Tulip line. I created a Valentine Love pillow to go on my couch.

Valentine's Love Pillow - Laura's Crafty Life

Supplies needed: (contains affiliate links)

Supplies for Valentine Pillow - I Love to Create

I liked the stencils, but they were not quite my usual style. I really loved the LOVE letter stencil, but did not like the dripping look at the bottom. So I simply covered the drips with painters tape before I started. 

Tape off stencil

Place either cardboard or wax paper into your pillow form before you begin painting. This will keep any paint from getting on to the opposite side of the fabric.

Use cardboard or wax paper to prevent paint from seaping through

You can hold your stencil in place but I find it easier to use spray adhesive to adhere my stencil to the fabric. Follow the instructions on your spray adhesive, but typically you will spray the back of the stencil. Allow it to dry for a few minutes and then place on your fabric.

Using your pouncer, grab a small amount a paint. I find it helps to dip it in the paint, then re-dip it on an empty spot on my tray with no paint to get any major drips off before I apply the paint. Be careful to use an up and down motion rather than a back and forth motion. If you go back and forth you will end up getting paint underneath your stencil.

Use spouncer to add fabric paint to stencil

You can carefully remove the stencil right away from your pillow.

I used some glitter paint to outline the stenciled letters after they had set to dry for a bit.

Add glitter to outline letters

While the paint was drying, I made some fabric rosettes. I simply hot glued them on the pillow. Since it is seasonal this type of application is fine. If your pillow will get heavy use and you want to wash it, you will either need to use fabric glue or stitch the flowers on.

Valentine Love Pillow - Laura's Crafty Life

Love Pillow - Laura's Crafty Life

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