Last week, I shared some home management binder printable sheets that I had created. Since I cannot leave well enough alone, I redid them and made them pretty. I know it really makes no difference what this binder or the sheets in it look like, but I feel like the whole thing is more cohesive now!

The first sheet is a place to write down your utility company’s name, account number and phone numbers all in one place. There is a place to write two phone numbers as you sometimes have a customer service number and a separate number for repairs or billing. Having all this information in one place is great for not having to wade through a stack of bills if your electricity goes out or your water isn’t working.

Download free utility numbers worksheet

Download: Utility Numbers (for personal use only)
Next, is a sheet to record emergency contact information for you and your family.
Download emergency phone numbers printable
Download: Emergency Numbers (for personal use only)
Following is one is for recording any pertinent information about your children. Print out one sheet for each child. This sheet is very handy for figuring out the right dosage for medicine. Most medicine dosages are based on age or weight and now you will have it all on one convenient sheet. Plus you will have the information handy for when someone else watches your child.
Download Child Information printable
Download: Child Information (for personal use)
Lastly, I have a babysitter checklist. It has a space for three children with different needs. If you have more than three children, but they will be eating/sleeping, etc. all at the same time you can just put both of their names in the same column. I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old, so their food needs and bedtimes can be different. This sheet goes hand in hand with the above sheet when someone else comes to watch the kids!
Download Babysitter checklist
Download: Babysitter Checklist (for personal use)
The easiest thing to do with any of these sheets is to place them in a sheet protector. You can then write on the sheet protector with a dry erase marker and change it as needed! 
I hope this helps you get a little more organized. If you do not want all the fancy sheets, I have some similar sheets that are done in all black and white and are a little more basic found here.
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