Do you have a Household Management Binder? Do you know what one is? Basically a ‘Household Management Binder’ is a binder in which you keep important information that keeps your household running smoothly. If you follow, she calls hers a Control Journal. You can keep calendars, daily/weekly checklists, phone information, family information, etc. in this one convenient spot. Mine is somewhat of a work in progress, but I thought I would share with you some of the print outs I have in there.

Printable Home Management Binder Worksheets

My binder is divided up into 5 categories:

  • Planning
  • Household
  • Children
  • Family 
  • Contacts

In coming weeks I will share some pictures of my binder, plus some of the information I keep in there, but for today I am going to focus on the “Children” and “Contacts” section.

Following is an information sheet you can print out and fill out for each child. It is especially helpful to have all this information in one place when you have someone else watching your child. It has a spot to record important medical information and your child’s weight. This number is particularly important when giving your child medication.

Child Information Sheet
Child information sheet

Next, is a helpful checklist to print out for your babysitter. I have a spot for two different child’s food requirements. If you have more than two children, you can just print out an extra sheet. Two sheets will print per page.

Babysitter Checklist
Babysitter Checklist

Another chart I have in my Children section is an OTC (over-the-counter) dosing chart I received from my doctor. Here is a helpful link I found online with similar information:

Over the Counter Dosing Charts for Children

The next sheet I keep in the very front of my binder, as it has all the important phone numbers we need to have on hand at all times. If I am not home, then anyone in my house can easily access these phone numbers.

Emergency Numbers
Emergency Numbers

Lastly, I have a printout of phone numbers for all the utilities and repair phone numbers we might need to call. This sheet goes into the “Contact” section of my binder.

Under the ‘name’ heading, I have a space for the name of the company along with the account number. I have a spot for two phone numbers for each company as sometimes there is a customer service number and a separate number to call for repairs/maintenance.

This sheet is very helpful when something goes wrong around your house. It is not always possible to dig up an old bill with all of your pertinent information on it, and here it is conveniently listed all in one place.

Phone List
Utility Numbers

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(These downloads are for personal use only. Do not share the direct link to the .pdf/.jpg file. Please link back to the original post when sharing.) The easiest thing to do is to print out a blank copy of each and put into a clear plastic sheet protector. You can then use a dry or wet erase marker and change the information easily as needed.

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