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Every summer we put up an above ground pool. It is fun and easy for the kids and I to swim, rather than getting everyone ready to go to the public community pool. We can swim whenever we want! And every year we plan a pool party to have our friends over. We BBQ, hang out, swim and just catch up.

This month, I could choose any party set that I wanted from the Life-n-Reflection store to pretty up a party. I knew we would be having a pool party and Kristy suggested the May Flowers Party Set.

This party set came with a banner and mini bag toppers.



The first thing I did was print out 2 sets of the banner pages on heavy white card stock. I trimmed each of the flags with my scissors.

print out mayflowers banner

Using baker’s twine I attached the banner flags to the twine with just regular clear tape. You can also adhere your banner to your twine with a bit of hot glue.

create mayflowers banner tape banner flags to twine

I secured my finished banner to the edge of our counter with more clear tape.

mayflower banner

Next, I printed out a set of the mini bag toppers. I used my paper trimmer to cut them down to size.

cut out mayflower mini bag topper

I wrote the names of a few of the party foods and drinks on the bottom portion of the toppers.

write labels on bag tops

I taped them to the appropriate food or drink item.

mayflower minibagtop label

This was so easy and quick to put together and added a little something extra to pretty up our party. It is the little things that make parties extra special.

mayflower banner and minibagtop

And do you want to know what we did not do at our pool party?? Swim! We live in Northern Arizona and it is monsoon season here. It is hit or miss if it is going to rain, but we definitely got rained out! The kid’s swam for a little bit after the storm passed and the adults went swimming for a little bit after dark. Not exactly what we had planned, but if you hosting a party, you definitely need to learn to go with the flow!

monsoon rain
Image via Instagram

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