Summer is almost here! My kids are done with school next week. For all of us to keep our sanity I like to have a lot of activities planned. I like to keep a list of things we can do so when I start hearing “I’m bored” I can easily come up with something fun for us to do. 

A few years ago I created a summer bucket list printable that my kids really enjoyed using. We had a list of fun things we wanted to do over the summer, I printed it off and put it in a frame. We checked them off with a dry erase marker as we went.

I wanted an updated version to use for this year. And I thought all of you would enjoy having a printable list you can use, as well. Print it out, put it on the fridge and you will have fun activities to do all summer.

Summer Fun List - 37 summer fun ideas to do with your family

Download: Summer Fun List

I am also including this printable in my Etsy shop, but my readers get it absolutely free! (This download is for personal use only. Do not share the direct link to the .pdf/.jpg file. Please link back to the original post when sharing.)

37 Summer Fun List Ideas

  1. camp in the backyard
  2. blow bubbles
  3. make s’mores
  4. fly a kite
  5. fishing
  6. eat watermelon
  7. movie night
  8. watch the sunset
  9. BBQ
  10. water balloons
  11. visit Farmer’s market
  12. ride bikes
  13. bowling
  14. fireworks
  15. go to a park
  16. mini golf
  17. make popsicles
  18. go to a library
  19. read a book
  20. hula hoop
  21. root beer floats
  22. sleepover
  23. go to a zoo
  24. swimming
  25. camping
  26. make lemonade
  27. go to a beach
  28. picnic
  29. play board game
  30. garden
  31. watch parade
  32. homemade ice cream
  33. geocaching
  34. hiking
  35. fondue night
  36. baseball game
  37. watch the sunrise

There are lots of great ideas to choose from. Some will get you out of the house, some involve food or eating something yummy, some are to do with friends, and some are things you can do at home with things you have on hand. I included a little bit of everything so we had a lot of things to choose from.

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