I am pulling out all the Christmas decorations this weekend. When do you decorate for Christmas? Every year I create a small, decorative Christmas tree display on my front entry way table. I have been collecting trees for years. A couple of years ago, I decided to DIY some trees myself to add to my display. Today, I am going to share with you how to create three different styrofoam Christmas trees.

DIY styrofoam Christmas holiday trees

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I began by painting the glass candle holders in Modern Masters metallic paint. I used several light coats, allowing each one to dry before applying another coat.


Each of the three trees starts with a styrofoam cone base. While the candle holders were drying I painted my styrofoam cones with green acrylic craft paint. I wanted to make sure if any part of it was showing through under the ribbon, you wouldn’t see any white.



At this point, I created three different looks with my trees for my display – a ribbon styrofoam tree, glitter looped ribbon wrapped styrofoam tree, and a butterfly styrofoam tree. Below, you will see how I created each separate tree.

Ribbon Wrapped Styrofoam Tree

Supplies needed:

I started by pinning on my ribbon at the top of the cone using two straight pins on each side to secure it.



Then, I began wrapping the ribbon around the tree, overlapping each layer.


To finish it off, I folded the ribbon over and use small straight pins to secure the ribbon on the back at the bottom of the cone. Using wired ribbon helps to give the layers of ribbon a little structure.


Lastly, I glued the star candle holder to the bottom using a strong adhesive.

Ribbon wrapped styrofoam tree

Note: You can use a glue gun, as well, but since I store our decorations in our shed, the fluctuating temperatures cause the hot glue to come apart.

Glitter Looped Ribbon Styrofoam Tree

Supplies needed:


I cut strips of ribbon 4 1/2″ long in three different colors – red, green, and teal.


To attach the ribbons to the tree, I carefully folded them over to create a loop. I then attached the looped ribbon to the painted cone using a pearl straight pin. 


I alternated the three colors of ribbon all the way around the tree. Once I got to the top of the tree, I created a loop with a teal ribbon. I attached it to the top of the tree by placing a pin inside the loop at the very top of the cone.


Then, I glued the candlestick to the bottom of the cone using a strong adhesive.

Glitter looped ribbon styrofoam tree

Butterfly Styrofoam Tree

Supplies needed:

I punched butterflies from glittered cardstock in three colors – red, green, and teal.


I glued the styrofoam cone to the candlestick base using a strong adhesive. For each butterfly, I slightly folded the wings towards the center. Then, I used a hot glue gun to adhere the butterflies around the styrofoam cone. 



For those of you that do not know, I collect butterflies in honor of my mom that passed away. She always collected them and I love them so much, too!

Glitter butterfly styrofoam tree

I love the way these trees all turned out and they are a great addition to my Christmas tree display table.

DIY styrofoam Christmas trees

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