Even if I don’t go all out for a holiday, I still like to have a wreath on my front door pretty much year round. Easter is not until April this year so I needed something after Valentine’s Day, but before Easter. I didn’t have a St. Patrick’s Day wreath yet, and I knew just where to go to get all my supplies on the cheap – Dollar Tree! Plus, this wreath comes together in just minutes. 

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Start by attaching the first feather boa to the wreath form using a glue gun.

Wrap the boa around the wreath and secure the end with hot glue. 

Continue this with the other two feather boas until you have the entire wreath covered.

Create a hanger for the wreath using the green diamond wrap. Cut a length of the diamond wrap, loop it around the top of the wreath, and secure the ends using a glue gun.

After removing the elastic from the green bowtie, attach the green bow over the part where the ends were glued.

Cut one of the wooden shamrocks off of the wall hanging. Remove the ribbon from the back of the shamrock.


Attach some diamond wrap to the back of the shamrock using hot glue.

Place the wooden shamrock in the center of the wreath and cut the excess diamond wrap to allow it to be attached to the diamond wrap loop below the bow. Attach the two diamond wraps together with a little hot glue.

Now, your wreath is ready to hang! I love the feathers. It really makes it so fun. I love getting craft supplies from Dollar Tree. It makes it so affordable to be creative. This wreath only cost me $7!

I love how it looks hanging on my green front door!

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