I have been meaning to make this wreath for some time now and I thought it would be perfect for spring! When we got married (almost 7 years ago) I saved most of the decorations from our wedding. Being a DIY kind of gal, most of my wedding was done by me. I made invitations, programs, many of the decorations, the flowers, and even my veil! I tend to be a hoarder of craft supplies, so I knew once the wedding was over, I didn’t want to throw that stuff out or get rid of it! Finally, I was able to put some of those tucked away supplies to good use!

The only “new” part of this wreath is the letter ‘S’ and the wreath form. Everything else came from my wedding stash.
To start with, I had this grapevine wreath form someone else had given me. I stripped off all the old decorations down to the bare wreath.
The beaded garland we had draped over the arbor that we got married under outside. I have two strands of green and two strands of this periwinkle blue. I used one strand for this wreath. I straightened it out and formed it into a circle the same size as my wreath form.



Next, I attached the beaded garland to the wreath form on the back using floral wire and some pliers.



I attached some butterflies and floral pieces to the bottom half of the wreath. The blue, sparkly butterflies were hung down over our heads on the top part of the arbor. The floral pieces were leftover from the cake toppers I made.
I thought at this point I was done, but I felt like the wreath was missing something. So, I decided to make a monogram ‘S’ to hang down in the middle. I love the look of the monogrammed wreaths that I have seen.
To make the ‘S’ monogram letter, I found a font I liked and printed the letter ‘s’ out onto plain computer paper. (I used Imprint MT Shadow font).

I used carbon transfer paper to transfer the image onto foam core board. I cut the letter out using an Exacto knife.


I then painted the letter using silver acrylic craft paint I had on hand. (662 Metallic Silver Sterling by FolkArt). I allowed the paint to dry and attached a ribbon (also from the wedding stash) to the letter with hot glue.
The final wreath is perfect for spring, but also matches the accent colors we have going on in our home. This is great, because I can potentially leave it up year round when I don’t have a seasonal wreath on display!





I am so pleased with the way this wreath turned out. It is extra special because it reminds me of our wedding day! We will be celebrating our seven year anniversary at the end of April.
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