We live in northern Arizona. In the area where we live, we get a lot of sun and wind. Both of these weather conditions wreak havoc on anything we have outdoors. After a while, our plastic furniture starts to look faded and worn out just from being in the hot Arizona sun. I decided to give my plastic Adirondack chairs a makeover. Today, I am going to show you how inexpensive and easy it is to spray paint plastic chairs.

Spray Painted Plastic Chairs - easily give your patio furniture a refresh with spray paint

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Below you can see what my chair looked like before. The chairs themselves were in good condition, but the green color was really faded. I actually purchased these chairs used from a friend for a great deal. You can look out for faded outdoor furniture while at yard sales or thrift store shopping and update them very inexpensively.

Plastic adirondack chair - before

The first thing you need to do is wash your chair really well. I used Basic H (an all-purpose cleaner), a scrub brush, and the hose outside to give them a good scrubbing.

Scrub chairs with an all purpose cleaner

Allow the chair to dry completely in the sun. I set mine out on a sunny day and it was fully dry in about 15 minutes. Thanks, Arizona!

Allow chair to dry thoroughly

If needed, you can sand any rough spots. Luckily my chairs simply needed a good scrubbing to be ready for paint.

Krylon Colormaster is paint and primer in one. I used Gloss Blue Ocean Breeze. No primer is needed on plastics and many other materials.

Krylon ColorMaster Gloss Blue Ocean Breeze

Note: If you use a different brand or type of paint be sure to read the back for recommended instructions and whether or not you will need a primer.

Place your chair in a clean, dry place out of the wind. I used the HomeRight Spray Shelter. We live in a very windy place with no garage. This shelter is a life saver. I propped up the feet of the chair on pieces of scrap wood so it was easier to paint the bottom legs.

Find a protected area to spray paint - HomeRight Spray Shelter

Spray the chair with light, even coats. You want your spray paint can about 10 inches away from the chair. Even though it takes a little longer, light coats are better than heavy coats to prevent dripping. You can add additional coats within 4 hours or after 24 hours. The paint dries to the touch in 10 minutes.

Apply several light coats of spray paint

The chairs turned out amazing! I love this color and the chairs look like new. Each can of spray paint was less than $4.00. This made the update to these chairs very affordable.

Spray paint your adirondack chairs to make them like new again

Painted Adirondack Chairs - before and after

Spray paint your plastic chairs to make them like new

Close up of spray painted chair

Makeover your plastic chairs with spray paint

Helpful tips:

  • For these large Adirondack chairs, I used two cans of spray paint per chair. The original green was dark, and there are a lot of nooks in crannies.
  • Be sure to thoroughly clean and rinse your chairs. Then, allow them to dry thoroughly for proper paint adhesion.
  • Choose a paint + primer to save yourself time and money.

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