This year, my daughter requested a Shopkins™ birthday party. Have your kids gotten into Shopkins™ yet? Basically, they are a set of tiny, collectible toys. The characters are based on grocery store and household items. They are only about an inch tall. Their little faces are adorable!

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Every party starts with a cute invitation! The Shopkins™ website has some really adorable printable invitations. I only needed a couple to actually send out in the mail. The rest of the guests were invited to a private Facebook event. I find this is the easiest way to communicate with guests and have people RSVP.

If you have a lot of invitations to send out in the mail, I find it more cost effective to purchase pre-made invites so you don’t waste a lot of printer ink.


I started with a hot pink and teal color scheme. Every party I have a large table set with food. Sometimes it is all the food for the party, and sometimes it is just cake and drinks.

I set up the table with a hot pink tablecloth. Then, I added the pleated skirt. These pre-made ruffled skirts are great! They go around the entire table and stick on with an adhesive strip around the top edge.

I added a Shopkins™ banner to the front of the table and a cute yarn tassel banner I found at Target.

Above the table, I hung the Shopkins™ swirl decorations from the ceiling. I hung a few pink balloons on the wall and also blew some up with helium and added them to the table. 

Next, I used our Kooky Cookie pinata as a table decoration in the middle of the table. It was all filled with candy and ready to be hung up, but it was too cute not to display.

I had Shopkins™ plates and napkins for guests to use. Plus, I added some pink and teal plastic silverware in small metal buckets on the table as well.


Shopkins™ is the perfect party theme because there are so many cute, everyday food items that are also Shopkins™ characters. I used the characters and names to create table tents for the food in Photoshop. I was able to find all the images for my table tents on the Shopkins™ website.

Poppy Corn

I created little face stickers in Photoshop and then used the print then cut feature with my Cricut. I added the face stickers to small popcorn boxes.

Charlie Cheese

Karen Carrot

Strawberry Kiss

Cupcake Chic

I added some of the cupcakes I baked to the white cupcake tower. I even decorated the cupcakes to look a little like this sweet cupcake with the pink wrappers and teal frosting. On the top of the cupcake stand, I used one of the centerpieces that came in the decorating kit.




I used the edge of the counter in our kitchen as the drink station. I made sure to have plenty of Shopkins™ cups for people to use. I like to keep a Sharpie marker near the drinks so guests can write their names on the cups.

I made my party punch recipe and labeled the jar with Jen Jug. 

We also had water, Soda Pops, and Blocky Ice Cube.


Coloring and Make Your Own Shopkins™

I like to have something for the kids to do when they first arrive until all the guests get there. This year I printed out coloring pages from the Shopkins™ website. I also had construction paper, sticker eyes, and sticker faces for the kids to make their own Shopkins™. They had a lot of fun recreating their favorite characters.

Shopkins™ Scavenger Hunt

We did a Shopkins™ scavenger hunt. Using the character images I found on the website, I uploaded them to Cricut Design Space and cut them out on plain white cardstock. I matched the characters to everyday objects around our house, like the refrigerator, clock, TV, and lamp. 

frost t fridge | ticky tock | tammy TV | lana lamp

I then created a printable to go with it. The kids had to look around the kitchen, living room and bathroom to find all the characters that were hidden. Then, they marked them off on their papers. It was a race to see who could find them all first!


Almost every party my kids want to have a pinata. This is an easy way to tie in the party theme or their birthday year. The weather was awful the day of her party, so we ended up doing a modified pinata in the house. All the kids sat in a circle, my husband cut open the pinata, and the kids got their candy.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey {Pin the Bow on Kooky Cookie}

We also did a pin the tail on the donkey game. I used a coloring page and the photo prop as inspiration to draw and paint Kooky Cookie onto a piece of white posterboard.

Then, using my Cricut, I cut out pink hair bows. Each of the kids had to pin the bow on the cookie.

Shopkins™ Photo Booth

I created a fun photo booth display to take pictures. I used a hot pink tablecloth as the background. I added the Shopkins™ door cover over the front.

At a nearby table, I had Shopkins™ photo booth props for the kids to use in their pictures. 


Last but not least, I like to do a little favor to give out to the guests as a thank you for coming. I found these little hot pink favor gift boxes. I love how they look like little shopping bags! To make it easy, I simply added a sticker to the front of each one.

Inside each favor box, there was a lollipop, small container of bubbles, party blower, and Shopkins™ tattoos.

I added a sticker to each of the party blowers. Stickers are an easy and inexpensive way to carry out your theme on all your decorations. 

For the bubbles, I created mini stickers using my Cricut and placed one on the top of each bottle of bubbles.

Lastly, for the striped twisty lollipops, I added a cute little tag I created with Cricut Design Space. I found a scalloped heart shape, added an image of LolliPoppins, and merged a little circle on the top edge that I could punch out and attach to the lollipop with ribbon.

Themed tattoos are the perfect inexpensive party favor.

I set up a little favor station near the front door. I created a sign that said “The Shop” and displayed all the favors there.

The party came together so well. Our house is not huge, and with the bad weather, we were stuck inside so I was worried how it would go. But the kids had a wonderful time!

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