A New Year always gets me excited about a fresh start and new possibilities. Although, as I am getting older, I am realizing you can start again every day or even multiple times per day if need be. You don’t have to wait for the “new year”.

One of the things I have been using for years is a Home Management Binder. You have probably seen these before. Basically it is a place to dump your brain to keep you organized. I first read about a control journal on Flylady.net. I have since adapted my own home management binder to better suit the needs of me and my family. That is the best part about this binder – it is completely customizable for what works for you!
I am going to break down how I set my binder up over several posts. Today’s post I am going to share some basic supplies that will be helpful to have to set up your binder. Many of these items you may already have on hand at home.
Home Management Binder

Supplies Needed:

The first step to creating a household management binder is to think about what you will need to put in it. This will be customized to your family’s needs. I have compiled a list of categories you may want to consider to get you thinking about what you will want to include. The best part, is since this is a three ring binder you can change it around as you figure out what works for you or as your family changes.

Some categories you may want to include in your home management binder (The ones I use are in bold):
Project/To Do lists
Menu/Meal Planning
School information

    You can include as many or as few categories as you think you need. And again, since we are using a three ring binder, you can easily change the categories. I have tweaked my binder over the years. I used to try to include a section for my blog, but I never used it. I have a different system for my blog now. Also, I don’t include any financial information in my binder. I have a completely separate bill paying system. 
    I would start by including all the categories you think you ‘might’ use in the binder. Live with it for a few weeks and see if it is working for you.

    I prefer to use a binder tabs that include folders. This way, if I don’t have time to hole punch everything right away, I can place it in the folder for later. Also, if you are going to use page protectors in your binder, be sure to double check that your tabs will stick out beyond your page protectors. 

    During this series I will be including some free printables for you to use with your binder. You can use these or create your own. Today’s downloads include a cover page and a side spine for your binder. I like purchasing a binder with the plastic sleeve on the outside that I can insert paper with. I am much more likely to use something if it is pretty!
    Home Management Binder Cover

    Home Management Binder Spine

    Download Home Management Binder Printables:
    These downloads are for personal use only. Please feel free to share, but link back to the original post.
    Do you use a home management binder? Do you have any categories in your binder that I didn’t include on my list?

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    7 Comments on Setting Up a Home Management Binder

    1. Following from Take-a-look Tuesday at Sugar Bee Crafts.

      I tend to get overwhelmed a lot more easily than I would like, so I am very happy that you are breaking up the topic over several posts. Right now we have 2 adults, 2 teens, 1 tween, 1 adult dog, 1 adult cat and 6 rambunctious puppies living in a 3 bedroom apartment. Yeah. Hoping to make SEVERAL changes to that situation very soon!

      • LuAnn – It is a constant struggle for me to stay on top of things, but when I stick to my routines and using my binder, I do so much better. It is a great place to dump your brain and keep everything in one spot. :)

    2. I am laughing, because my home management system is a binder – but I call it “The Book that tells me when to Breathe” after the same title in a mystery series I love (by Donna Andrews, the Meg Landslow series.) I keep everything in it – insurance information, phone #’s and all that… this is such a great idea, and love the printables! THANKS!

    3. Laura, I love this idea. And thanks so much for the free printables. Staying organized in these areas can be difficult if you are not naturally organized. I am going to attempt this process for staying organized. Thanks again.

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