Today I am sharing with you the September fall banner for my ‘12 Months of Banners‘ series. It is a simple banner that can take you all the way from September through November and all your fall and autumn decorating. You could easily embellish this banner but I like the simplicity of it. It ended up in my home on the back of my door under my fall swag decoration.

September Fall Banner - Laura's Crafty Life

I want to thank American Crafts with supplying me with the products for this series. This post contains affiliate links.

Supplies needed:

I chose some basic papers in hues that reminded me of fall. This way I can leave it up from September through November if I want to. That is also why I chose to keep it super simple with no words or cut out shapes. It will transition through all my fall decor – the pumpkins in October and the turkeys in November. Cutting out different banner shapes using the banner punch and using fun patterned papers gives this banner just enough contrast to provide interest.

Papers for September fall banner - Pebbles, Inc.

For this banner you will be cutting all three banner shapes with the punch board – pennant, flag and crest. We will start with creating a flag shape. Cut your paper to 4″ wide.

Cut paper to 4 inches wide

Open the cutting arm on the punch board. Line up your paper on the vertical white lines. Close the cutting arm. Use the blade to cut down from the left top edge.

Line up paper at the top of the punch board

Trim flag shape on top left edge

Then cut from the right top edge. This will create a finished flag shape that is 4″ x 5 1/2″.

Trim flag shape on top right edge

Next we will cut a pennant shape. Open the cutting arm. Align the top straight edge of your paper along the blue line that reads 5.5. Be sure the edge of your paper is far enough over to the left so that your blade doesn’t cut off the top corner. Close the cutting arm. Using the blade cut out your banner shape by first running the blade along the left inner edge.

Cut along left edge of guide for pennant shape

Then, cut along the right inner edge. Now you will have a 5.5″ pennant shape. 

Cut along right edge to cut pennant shape

Lastly, we will create a crest shape. Cut your paper to 4″ wide. Open the cutting arm. Place your paper with side edges aligned with the vertical white lines at the 4 position. The bottom edge of the paper should be aligned with the horizontal blue line at the 7.5 position. Close the cutting arm. Use the blade to first cut the left top edge of the guide. 

Line up paper at the 7

Then cut along the right top edge of the guide. 

Cut along right edge to cut crest shape

Trim your banner to an overall length of 5.5″ using your paper trimmer.

Trim crest shape banner to size

Using the top punch, align your corner and punch a hole. Flip the paper over and punch another hole. This will create the holes to thread your twine through. Do this for all the banner shapes.

Use the punch board to punch a hole in the top of the banner pieces

Punch hole in corners of banner shapes

I cut out eight banner pieces but only ended up using seven. My spool of ribbon would fit seven 4″ wide banner shapes on one spool of ribbon.

Completed banner shapes for fall banner

Now you will string your banner together with ribbon. For this banner since it was so simple I wanted the ribbon to show on the front of the banner, so I started by bringing the ribbon up through the hole on the left of my first banner shape.

Add ribbon to fall banner

You could easily embellish this banner with fall leaf shapes, the word ‘autumn’, pumpkin shapes or even puffy apple shaped stickers

September Fall Banner

September Fall Banner - 12 Months of Banners - Laura's Crafty Life

Simple Fall Banner

Be sure to check back to see all the other banners in the 12 Months of Banners series.

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