Several years ago I posted about my ribbon storage. I shared how I organized my thinner ribbons, but not about how I shared my wider ribbon. So today, I am going to share some ribbon storage organization tricks and what has worked for me. I am still using the same system I started all those years ago.

Ribbon Storage Organization Ideas

I have been a crafter for a long time, long before I started this blog. Many crafters I know become craft supplies hoarders to an extent. You purchase supplies for projects because they are pretty or because they are on sale. But eventually, you have to find a place to put everything. For me, I want to be able to access my supplies easily, but also be able to see what I have at a glance. This helps me to prevent over buying and ending up with a lot of duplicates.

Plastic storage bins to store ribbon

Ribbon storage in small plastic bins

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Supplies needed:

I have two storage bins that hold 99% of my ribbon. I found some long, not too tall plastic storage bins that were originally made for storing paper. This system would also work really well with the 12″ x 12″ plastic storage containers, or even a document box if you want to keep them all more out of site when on display.

For the smaller ribbons that were less than 2 inches wide, I started by cutting scrap cardboard to 2-inch by 2-inch squares with my X-Acto knife, a ruler, and a self-healing cutting mat. Choose cardboard that is thin but sturdy for this to work the best.

Cut cardboard squares

Then, I simply took all my ribbons off their original spools and wrapped them up on the cardboard squares.

Wrap ribbon around cardboard square

I secured the end of the ribbon with a straight pin.

Secure ribbon with a straight pin

Helpful tip: If your ribbon is overly creased when you take it off the cardboard, you can carefully run it over a warm lightbulb to get out the wrinkles. And of course, you can iron them to get the creases out as well. Just be careful to test a small spot with either method so you do not melt the ribbon.

Ribbon Storage Organization

I needed to come up with a solution for my larger ribbon that was wider than 2 inches. Originally, I had all my spools of ribbon on dowel rods that were hung on the wall using curtain rod hardware. This was great to see everything I had, but it would get dusty. And if I wanted a ribbon from the middle, I would have to take off all the other spools to get to it. Lastly, the spools would sometimes come undone, and the ribbon would fall off the spool and onto the ground.

I couldn’t use the cardboard method like I did for my smaller ribbon either. I did try this method by cutting a wider piece of cardboard, but since these ribbons are often bulkier and they are so much wider, the cardboard rectangles become very bulky very fast.

So, I found an easy solution to keep them all together and dust free. I simply removed the ribbon from the spool while wrapping the length of it around my hand. 

Wrap ribbon around your hand

I slipped it off my hand and into a small zip top bag and squished out the air while sealing it up.

Place ribbon in plastic bag for storage

All my larger ribbons stay neat. I don’t have to deal with a lot of storage space from bulky spools, and I can easily see every ribbon I have.

Large ribbon storage

For all my ribbon scraps that are less than about a foot and a half long, I simply toss them all in a large mason jar I found at Hobby Lobby. When I need a small piece of ribbon, I just dump it out, find the one I need and shove everything back in there.

Place all your ribbon scraps in a large mason jar

It definitely is not as neat as my other two solutions but it works well for me to keep the scraps contained without overthinking the organizing.

Ribbon scraps storage in a mason jar

Ribbon scrap storage in craft room

How do you store your ribbon?

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