We have been working hard this summer to fix up our outdoor spaces a little bit. Our front porch definitely needed a little sprucing up! We started off by painting our front door an amazing green color from Modern Masters paint. I am glad I took a chance with a bold, bright color.

Refinished bench on front porch

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I have been wanting a bench to go on our front porch for some time now. We have had some inexpensive resin chairs out front, but I thought I bench would look so much better. I came across this bench on a Facebook yard sale group for only $20. It needed some love, but it was exactly what I was looking for and the price was right.

Unfinished bench before

We started by removing all the wooden slats from the bench. The whole thing came apart pretty easily. We sanded each wooden board with our Ryobi sander so it was smooth, free of old stain and poly and removed the top layer of weathering.

Ryobi sander to sand boards

To stain the bench we used these awesome wipes from Minwax that I received at Snap! Conference. They were perfect for this project. They go on so easily and it made the whole process of staining the bench really fast. They remind me of a baby wipe filled with stain. You just wipe the stain right on while wearing a pair of protective gloves. They are great because they have the stain and finish all in one, and it dries in only one hour.

Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths in Maple

Since the bench was going to be outside in full sun for much of the day on our porch, we needed additional protection from the elements. We used a Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane to cover each slat of wood after the stain had dried.

Minwax Helmsman UrethaneOnce the poly was completely dry my husband put the bench back together.

Reassemble bench

Refinished bench after

I found some pillows from Target that matched my freshly painted front door. They really tie the whole porch together.

DIY Refurbished Bench via Laura's Crafty Life

Trash to Treasure - Refinished wooden and metal bench Refinished Wooden Bench {Lauras Crafty Life} Front porch bench detail on back of bench Close up of refinished wood

One final before and after:

Refinished Wooden Bench {Laura's Crafty Life}

We still have a little left to do on our front porch to finish it up.

  1. Repaint the door frame (the paint is peeling and chipping away)
  2. Restain the porch floor
  3. Update the welcome mat
  4. Purchase/find a small side table for next to the bench
  5. Add gutters above the front door

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