I have this hideously ugly brass and white ceiling fan right smack in the middle of my house. My house was built in the 90’s, so it is not entirely surprising. But, it needs to go. Do we have $200 to buy a new fan that would be the appropriate size for our living space with all the bells and whistles this one has? Nope. Our fan has a remote control to adjust the dimness of the lighting and the speed of the fan. These types of fans are not cheap. So I needed to figure out a way to redo it without breaking the bank.
Hello, Ugly!
The most unfortunate part about this fan is you see it from almost every room in our entire house. You see it when you first walk in the front door. You see it when you sit on the couch watching TV. You see it when you are looking from the kitchen. And there it hangs, with all it’s ugly brassiness just mocking me with how ugly it is. 
Not anymore!
I saw this ceiling fan re-do on a blog I love called Choose to Thrive
Choose to Thrive

I pinned it right away for when I finally got around to being able to redo our fan. 

Her tutorial is very well written, but since I was not painting the entire fan (like she did), I needed to do some disassembly. I originally asked my husband to take the fan down. When he opened up the top part and we saw all the wiring, I told him I would try to take apart the pieces I needed to paint instead of taking the whole thing down. If that still wouldn’t work then we would talk about un-wiring it and taking it down. Luckily with a few screws taken out I was able to take all the brass pieces off the fan.

I got a nice surprise when I took the blades down. They were wood grain on the back side. It is a little lighter than I would like, but I still like the woodgrain look much better than the white that we had up there.  If you need a quick change up for your fan, look at your blades and see if you can flip them over. It can really change the look of your fan dramatically! Almost all fans have a different blade pattern on the flip side.
Can you see the wood grain under the inch layer of dust?
After I had all the pieces removed, I laid them out on a drop cloth on a table outside ready to be painted.

Last time you will see the brass! :)
This was the only piece I had to tape off with painters tape. There were wires
and I didn’t want to get paint on the part that the bulbs screw into.
I decided since I was able to take the pieces off and wouldn’t be painting the fan right there in the living room that I would do a coat of primer on all the pieces first. Hopefully this helps to keep the paint on there better. I was not about to sand all those pieces. I used some Krylon spray paint primer in White that I had on hand.

To paint the brass I used a product called ‘Sophisticated Finishes’ by Triangle Crafts in Blackened Bronze Metallic Surfacer. It worked great. You can buy this product at Michael’s for about $9.99 for a 4 fl. oz. bottle. I didn’t even end up using a half a bottle for this project. (And I used a 40% off coupon for it! Not bad, right?)

After one coat
I ended up doing three light coats. Since I had so many pieces to paint, by the time I had done one coat on each piece the piece I started with was dry enough to do the next coat. I let the pieces sit outside for about 3 hours before I reinstalled the fan back together.
And here is the finished fan.

And since I love a before and after to really see the transformation:
Crazy what a little paint will do! This fan looks so great, and I spent less than $6.00 on the project. Even better!
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11 Comments on Refinished Ceiling Fan

  1. Love it! Everything’s better than shiny brass! It definitely updates the fan. So much better than having to replace it – ceiling fans are expensive!

  2. Thank you for this! I’ve been thinking about doing this in our master bedroom, just didn’t know how. Perfect timing, as my Dad is coming to visit and can help me do it this weekend. Woot! Stopping by from Tip Junkie’s linky party.

  3. So much better! It is amazing what a little paint {and some patience!} can do. I never would have thought to look on the other side of the blades – I’ll have to check mine out! Thanks so much for linking up to The Creative Spark – hope to see you again!
    Jenn :)

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