Are you still with me? We are still working on getting some daily routines in place to make our homes run more efficiently. Remember, you run your home! Don’t let your home run you!

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So far you should have found a cleaning routine to try, do one complete load of laundry per day, do all the dishes daily, and do a quick family nightly pick up.

Today we are going to work on doing a quick vacuum or sweep of the floors. This is not the time to deep clean. Also, this should not take you more than ten to fifteen minutes, at most. (If you live in a multi-level or very large home, pick one level/area to focus on per day.) Deep floor cleaning should be scheduled into your weekly cleaning routine. Whether you are cleaning room by room or by task, make sure your cleaning routine includes giving each room a really good sweep or vacuuming once per week (or at the very least every other week!).

quick vacuum every night


I {heart} my Dyson!

I try to do a quick vacuum after we have done our nightly pick up and while the kids are taking baths/showers. The house has just been picked up and I can easily get to all the main high traffic areas.

  1. Get out the broom or vacuum.
  2. Vacuum or sweep the messiest areas of your home. You can focus on one or two rooms, such as the kitchen and living room, or general high traffic areas.
  3. Do not move furniture or worry about getting all of it, just get the major crumbs, dirt and pet hair up.
  4. Empty the dust pan and put your broom or vacuum away.

Checklist for today:

See that? If you are doing each of these daily tasks, your laundry pile should be diminishing, your home should be starting to look picked up, and you should be close to being able to having unannounced visitors in your home without making them stand outside in the cold because you are embarrassed by the mess. {Wink!}

Tomorrow’s task is the last one of our basic routines. We are going to work on making the beds. See you tomorrow!

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