Hopefully the tasks we have been doing are not too daunting and you are starting to feel a little calm and order returning to your home. We have chosen a cleaning routine to follow, got caught up on our laundry, did the dishes, picked up the house nightly, and did a quick sweep of the house each night.

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Today’s task might be a little controversial. I know some people refuse to make their beds. Trust me, I know all about it. I used to be one of those people. Why make the bed when you are just getting back into it later?

However, I believe there is a psychological aspect to making your bed even more compelling than just having a picked up house. By making your bed in the morning you are telling yourself it is time to get up and get moving.

Also, it instantly makes your room feel neater (even if the rest is a little bit of a mess). When the bed is made and your room feels cleaner, you will be less likely to throw dirty clothes on the floor or leave a pile of clothes on the bed.

Lastly, it gives you a nice clean, flat surface to fold clothes on or sort and purge when you are organizing. And who doesn’t like slipping between the sheets of a nicely made bed at the end of a long day?

To make your bed:

  1. Take all the pillows off the bed.
  2. Straighten your sheet top sheet.
  3. Straighten your blankets and comforters.
  4. Fold over the top edge of the sheets and blankets (if you want).
  5. Fluff and place the pillows back on the bed.

make the bed every day

Checklist for today (and every day):

If you can do everything on the checklist every day, your house will start to have order, instead of chaos. You will have a strong foundation to build on for adding in some decluttering and organizing each day. By having a system in place for taking care of regular household tasks each day, you won’t have to feel overwhelmed about a crazy, messy house again!

But, this only works if you actually do these tasks. I know if I go a day or two without doing something on the list, I quickly feel my grasp of control on my house slipping out of my hands.

So tell me, what things do you think are crucial to do daily to keep your home running smoothly?

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