Yesterday we talked about creating routines and schedules to get more done. We are still talking about the basics of getting organized. I am a firm believer of having some systems set up and in place before jumping in to decluttering and organizing. You need to have a flow to your day and be on top of basic tasks before you can add on something else.

Project Organize The Basics at Laura's Crafty Life

For the rest of this week, we are going to get to ground zero with our houses and have a clean slate to work with, so to speak. We are going to quickly start building routines to keep our house in at least a semi-state of clean.

Please note: I have tried other routines in the past but for me, I need to just jump right in and get going. If my plan seems too overwhelming to you, please check out and take a little more time with these basic routines. It is a great resource to get your home in order. We are doing a speed/shortened version of what she does over there.

Today’s task is to complete one load of laundry from start to finish.

  1. Gather one load of laundry. Check pockets, zip everything and pre-treat stains.
  2. Wash clothes.
  3. Dry clothes.
  4. Fold and/or hang clothes.
  5. Put clothes away.

Yes. I am getting down to basics. Don’t stop at step three or four. I want you to do one complete load of laundry from start to finish. Do not leave your couch or bed looking like this:

laundry piled on couch

Yesterday’s task was to find a cleaning schedule you think you can stick with. If you are just joining us today, you can read yesterday’s post to get more details.

Checklist for today:

Tomorrow we will be adding on another task – do all the dishes! See you tomorrow!

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