My daughter will be heading off to kindergarten in the fall. She has been busy learning her ABCs and her numbers. One of the things that has really helped her learn her letters is the personalized ABC photo book I made for her.

Blurb Personalized ABC Photo Book - Laura's Crafty Life

Back of Personalized ABC Photo Book

When we first started talking about letters she was not overly interested. I tried to point them out when we went places and I would draw them out for her when she asked how to write a certain word so she could copy it. I knew I needed to find a way to make learning her ABCs more fun and exciting for her in a way that she could relate. 

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I had a credit to make a free Blurb book, so I thought this would be the perfect way to create a fun book to help her learn her ABCs. I chose one picture that I had taken for each letter of the alphabet. So, for example, the page with the letter M says “mommy” and has a picture of me.

Sample ABC Photo Book pages - L and M - Laura's Crafty Life

For the letter B, I chose the word “bike” with a picture of my daughter on her bike. 

Sample ABC Photo Book pages - B and C - Laura's Crafty Life

I chose a simple font so that she would learn to recognize her letters. I also decided to only write the capital letters since those were the ones we were working on. (You could write both the capital and lowercase letter if you wanted.) So, each page is divided in half with the capital letter, the word that represents the letter, and a photo showing the word.

Like most kids, she loves to look at pictures of herself and family. I am thrilled with the way the book turned out. It is only 7″ x 7″, and the perfect size for little hands. The book is hard cover and very durable for my daughter to use. I was very pleased with how easy Blurb’s free book-making tools are to use.

Personalized ABC Book - Laura's Crafty Life

Blurb ABC Photo Book - Laura's Crafty Life

Side of ABC Photo Book - Laura's Crafty Life


If you need some ideas, here are the letters and which word I chose for each one:

A – art
B – bike
C – creek
D – Daddy
E – eggs
F – flower
G – golf
H – Halloween
I – ice
J – jump
K – kitty
M – Mommy
N – nap
O – open
P – pumpkin
Q – queen 
R – railroad
S – snow
T – Thomas (her brother)
U – umbrella
V – valentine
W – wings
X – eXcited
Y – yard
Z – Zings (our Elf on the Shelf)

I am planning on creating one hard cover photo book for each year with all of our pictures. I still plan to scrapbook, but those take a lot more time and only use the best of the best of our photos. I like to have a printed version of all of our photos as well. Right now I have batches of photos printed out and in albums, but none of them match and they very sporadic as I have not really stayed up to date with them. I will be sure to share that process later this year.

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