We were lucky enough to “inherit” a glass table when we moved into our house five years ago. Basically, the old homeowners left it in the back shed. It is functional, but so not pretty. Our old patio table needed a major refresh.

DIY Patio Table Makeover - use spray paint to refresh an old and tired patio table

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The table itself is actually a mix of two patio tables that were mashed together. I had bought some inexpensive plastic chairs for our back deck, but I don’t really like these chairs. The nice thing is they do fold up flat, but if the kids try to get off of them, the chairs tip over. Needless to say, it is not good.

before table

I have been on the hunt for some metal patio chairs through Craigslist for months, but nothing was showing up. About two weeks ago I was in Target and all the patio furniture was marked down for clearance. So, I picked up four metal chairs for $12.25 a piece! If you have ever tried to buy patio chairs (especially metal ones) you know this is a good deal. They are a plain black satin finish.

Now that I had my chairs I could finally redo the table to match. I got some Ace Rust Stop Spray paint in black satin. I took apart the table – it has two separate pieces – the bottom part with the legs and the top part with the glass.

spray paint table

With the help of my husband, we removed the glass and I spray painted each piece. It actually only took one can of spray paint to do both pieces.spray paint ring

Since this piece was so old, the plastic pieces that hold the glass into the metal rim were cracked and broken – not at all salvageable. So I went on the hunt to find replacement pieces. They are called “table rim clips”. The original ones I purchased are no longer available, but I found similar ones here.

Once the table was put back together, it looked so much better – almost like a brand new table! 

patio table after

I always love a good before and after.

before and after patio table

I am really happy with the way it turned out. The table itself cost less than $10 to redo (the cost of spray paint and the rim clips). 

close up of table

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12 Comments on Patio Table Makeover

  1. Just wondering if you could explain in a little more detail how you got the glass out of the metal rim. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Jodie!
      In my table, there are small plastic clips that hold the glass in place. The glass sits inside the metal rim and the clips go in underneath the glass to hold it in place. Simply remove the plastic clips and you will be able to carefully slide the glass out. Then, when it is time to put your table back together, you will re-install the plastic clips underneath the glass once again. Mine has 4 clips.

  2. Hi and AWESOME RESTORATION! If you don’t mind I’d like a little more detail than Jodie. How do you remove the rim clips, specifically? Did you use plyers, screw driver, etc.? Thanks, in advance!

    • When we re-did the table, the clips that were in our table were old and easy to pull out. We have had to remove them once after that and I used pliers to grip it and then used a flat head screwdriver to sort of pry it out from under the edge of the table. I hope that helps!

    • Elizabeth,
      Make sure whatever spray paint you choose says it is suitable for both metal and plastic (if that is what your chairs are made of). Recently I spray painted some plastic chairs I purchased from a yard sale and they are holding up really well. You can read about that here: https://www.laurascraftylife.com/spray-paint-plastic-chairs/. For maximum adhesion on any spray paint project, use a primer first or a spray paint that includes primer. This will give you the best and longest lasting results.

    • Lauren,
      Since you remove the glass from the table before beginning, you will need to choose a spray paint for your particular table material. In my case it was metal. Most spray paints now work on metal, wood, and plastic. You can find out for sure by reading the label. I also prefer to use a spray paint with primer included. You can find spray paint at your local home improvement store, Amazon, and even Walmart.
      Hope that helps!

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