Party Punch Recipe. Make this delicious recipe for party punch. With only three simple ingredients, it will disappear right before your eyes, it is so good!

Today I am sharing my special recipe for easy party punch. I make this party punch recipe for just about every party we host and it is always gone by the end. With just three ingredients, it is so easy to make and super yummy.

Party Punch. Make this delicious recipe for party punch. With only three simple ingredients, it will disappear right before your eyes, it is so good!

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Party Punch

The main ingredient in this party punch recipe is Hawaiian Punch. It comes in so many colors and flavors, which makes it perfect to match it to any party theme. You can do red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple.

Hawaiian Punch ColorsIt is non-alcoholic, so it is perfect for kid’s birthday parties. However, you can easily ad vodka or rum to it for the adult crowd. Many of my friends use this recipe for their parties now, too.

I have a glass drink dispenser with a stand that I use for each party. Before I purchased my drink dispenser, I made this recipe in a regular punch bowl. For my particular drink dispenser, one recipe fills my dispenser twice.

Party Punch RecipeParty Punch Recipe

Combine all ingredients. Add ice to chill. Serve immediately.

Note: To make a half recipe that fills a standard drink dispenser, simply pour half of each ingredient into your beverage holder of choice. There is no need to be precise. You can eyeball the amounts.

Party Punch Recipe
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Party Punch

Make this delicious recipe for party punch. With only three simple ingredients, it will disappear right before your eyes, it is so good!

Course Drinks
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 30 8-ounce servings
Author Laura Silva


  • 2- liter lemon lime soda
  • 46- ounce pineapple juice
  • 1- gallon Hawaiian punch


  1. Combine all ingredients.
  2. Add ice to chill.

Recipe Notes

I cut the recipe in half to fill a standard size drink dispenser.

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46 Comments on Party Punch

    • No. I haven’t. I typically make this for kids parties so alcohol would be a bad idea. But I bet vodka or rum would work really well. You could always make the punch and leave a couple of bottles of alcohol out at the party for people to add if they want!

  1. I found this recipe during my search for a nonalcoholic punch that I could put in the awesome drink dispenser we received as a wedding gift. I used the Fruit Juicy Red Hawaiian Punch and it was delicious!
    I had noticed someone commented about adding alcohol, so I decided to put a couple bottles next to the punch in case anyone wanted to add some to their punch (*ahem* myself being one of those people). Anyway, I tried Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka as a mixer because I already had it on hand, and WOW was that good! I highly recommend that little addition for anyone who wants to “adult” this drink up.

    • I believe mine holds a little over a gallon. Since you have a 3-gallon container, if you used the full recipe (one-gallon Hawaiian punch, the 2-liter of Sprite and the can of pineapple juice) you would get close to 2 gallons. So, to fill your container you would need 1 1/2 times the recipe to fill your dispenser. Hope that helps!

  2. I’m hosting a baby gender reveal party. Will have 2 dispensers with the punch, one baby blue and one pink. WhAt Hawaiian Punch flavors should I use? I am thinking polar blast for the baby blue and lemon berry squeeze for the pink. What do you suggest? Thx!

    • It will really depend where you plan to purchase them. I know I normally buy them at Walmart and they don’t always have every color and flavor. I always use Polar Blast for blue. They have a Berry Blue Typhoon but I can never seem to find it. I think the Lemon Berry Squeeze will work well for pink. The pineapple juice can sometimes alter the color just a little bit. I just saw a new Aloha Morning one that looks very pink – it is called Strawberry Citrus.

    • Shannon,
      Honestly, I am not sure. I don’t have a drink fountain so I am not sure what you are allowed to put in them or not. If soda and juice are both okay to put in there, I would think that it would work. Sorry I can’t be more help!

      • Because of the fix from the sprite, you would get a lot of foam. A friend tried a similar recipes and it ended up a foamy mess through fountain.

      • I have never tried this recipe in a fountain. When using a punch bowl or spouted drink dispenser (like shown in the pictures), I have never had an issue with it being too foamy.

    • If you make a full recipe you get a total of about 242 ounces of punch. You would get approximately 40 6-ounce servings or 30 8-ounce servings.

      We usually use the small paper party cups for kids parties – they are 9-ounce cups – and once you add ice you are usually only adding about 6-ounces of liquid per cup. Plus, the kids never fill up their cups to the top. If you are planning a party with mostly adults, rather than children, I would use the 8-ounce serving size and plan to get about 30 servings out of one recipe.

      Hope that helps!

    • If you are doing 8 oz servings you can get about 30 servings out of one recipe of this punch. I half the recipe for my glass drink dispenser. Since not everyone at the party usually drinks punch, doing one full recipe (filling the dispenser twice) works well for large parties for me. Hope that helps!

  3. Can you make this ahead of time (3 days) and put into containers, or would that mess up the carbonated soda?

    • Carleen –
      I always make this punch right before guests arrive. I am not sure that the carbonated soda will hold up if you make it ahead of time. You could certainly add the Hawaiian punch and pineapple juice together ahead, and just add the soda on the day of.

    • I am not exactly sure, as I have never tried. There is a new flavor called Aloha Morning Mixed Berry Citrus that is purple colored. The pineapple juice is yellow, so you have to take that into account when figuring out the final color. You could always add more lemon-lime soda to the recipe to lighten up the purple color of the juice.

    • Brandie,
      I have not done that. I am sure it would work great, but you would need to use a punch bowl rather than a beverage dispenser. I think the sherbet would clog up the spout on the dispenser.

  4. This looks and sounds delicious! I realized I only bought a 1.89L jug today if that Hawaiian Punch, so I’ll be cutting this recipe in half. Do you also half the pop and pineapple juice then? Silly question, I know haha

    • Missy,
      Since it has soda in it, it is best made the day of the party so it doesn’t lose the carbonation. It really only takes a few seconds to make – you just add all three ingredients together. However, we have had punch leftover on occasion and we will drink it throughout the next day and it tastes fine. Hope that helps!

  5. For anyone wondering about adding sherbet to this punch, it works great! I personally think it makes the punch even more delicious! We served the punch out of a drink dispenser (spouted) without any clogging issues. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe Laura!!

    • Cherish,
      Thanks so much for letting us know! I have had a lot of readers ask about this. I personally hadn’t tried it, but I thought it would taste great. I am also thrilled you can add the sherbet to the drink dispenser without it getting stuck. Thank you!!

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