Paper Flower Christmas Wreath | Cricut Maker. Use your Cricut machine to create beautiful flowers and accents for a festive Christmas wreath.

One of my favorite projects I created when I was participating in Cricut Design Space Star was my woodland fall paper wreath. I love how beautiful the 3D flowers and elements are when you make them out of paper with your Cricut machine. Today, I am going to show you how to use the same technique to create a beautiful paper flower Christmas wreath.

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Paper Flower Christmas Wreath


I purchased my wreath base at Dollar Tree. They have some great craft supplies, but sometimes they can be a little flimsy. To make the wreath form look fuller, I purchased two 18″ wreaths and connected them together with floral wire. You can’t beat only paying $2 for a greenery wreath!

Twist together two wreaths from Dollar Tree

How to Make Paper Pinecones

Once you have your wreath form, we are going to start by making some paper pinecones. I used pinecones in my fall wreath, and I think they work well for a winter Christmas wreath, too. For all of the paper items, I used the 3D Floral Home Decor cartridge.

Open the Cricut Design Space file of the paper pinecones.

Cricut Design Space File - Christmas Wreath Pinecones

Cricut Design Space File: Paper Pinecones

When you get to the mat preview page, select three copies so you can make three pinecones. Choose Medium Cardstock for your material. I love to use textured cardstock for these types of paper projects.

Once you have all the pieces cut out with your machine, it is time to assemble the pinecones.

Paper pinecone pieces cut out

Cut a length of floral wire and bend one end. Then, place the small piece that looks like a boomerang onto the wire. Next, working from smallest to biggest, place the smallest star shape on the wire. There are holes on the ends of the star shapes. Loop them onto the wire. Continue this with the rest of the star shapes. Finish off the pinecone by adding the flower shape on the bottom. Twist the end of the floral wire into a loop so the pieces stay on the wire and cut off any excess.

How to assemble paper pinecone

Repeat this for the other two pinecone shapes.

Make a paper pinecone with the Cricut Maker

Helpful Tip: You can find the handbooks for most cartridges here: Cricut Cartridge Library (Handbooks). Once you open the .pdf you can see assembly instructions for the 3D items.

How to Make Paper Poinsettias

Next, we are going to create some paper poinsettias. You will need yellow, red, and green cardstock for this project. Open the Cricut Design Space File for the 3D poinsettias.

Cricut Design Space File - Christmas Wreath Poinsettias

Cricut Design Space File: Christmas Wreath Poinsettias

When you get to the mat preview page, select three copies so you can make six poinsettias. Choose Cardstock (for intricate cuts) for your material.Cardstock for intricate cuts materials list for Cricut Design Space

Once you have all the pieces cut out, you can assemble your poinsettias. For the smaller ones, you will attach the two parts of the leaves together using hot glue. Then glue the leaves together starting with the three-pointed one at the bottom, two pointed one in the middle and single leaf on the top. Repeat this process for the flower. Glue the flower to the leaves and add the yellow middle using hot glue.

How to create a 3D paper poinsettiaThe larger poinsettias are even easier. You don’t have to assemble the petals or leaves, so simply glue the leaves together, then the flowers together and attach them all with the yellow center.

How to create a paper poinsettia

How to Make a Sparkle Paper Star

Now we are going to make the sparkle paper star. I love the star for so many projects, but it works especially well for holiday projects, I think. Open the Christmas Wreath Star file in Cricut Design Space.

Cricut Design Space File - Christmas Wreath Star

Cricut Design Space File: Christmas Wreath Star

Click the green Make It button. Select Sparkle Paper from the Materials list. It will prompt you to load the double scoring wheel into your machine. Make sure to place the sparkle paper shiny side down on your mat.

Load double scoring wheel to score sparkle paper

Once the machine is done scoring your paper, it will prompt you to replace the scoring wheel with the fine point blade.

Use Cricut scoring wheel to score sparkle paper for starThen it will cut out the shapes. Cut out the insets on the star from Sparkle Paper, as well.

To assemble the star, fold the gold pieces on the score lines. Use hot glue to attach the red pieces to each star point. It is easier to see where to glue them if you fold your pieces first. Then you need to assemble each of the five star tips. Glue the flap to the opposite side using hot glue.

How to assemble the point for the 3D paper star

You then need to attach the five star points together. You will hot glue the two flaps to the star point next to it. Continue this around the entire shape until all five points are attached.

Assemble the star points together

Once you are done you will have a 3D five pointed star.

Make a 3D paper star with sparkle paper

How to Make a Chipboard Word

The last step is to make the chipboard Merry Christmas. Open the Christmas Wreath Merry Christmas file in Cricut Design Space.

Cricut Design Space File - Christmas Wreath Merry Christmas

Cricut Design Space File: Christmas Wreath Merry Christmas

We are going to cut out this design from chipboard using the knife blade. Select Chipboard, 2MM from the materials list. The screen will let you know it may take a long time to finish cutting since it has to do a lot of passes over the same area.

Knife blade cut screen for cutting chipboard

Make sure you have calibrated your knife blade before the first use. Move the star wheels all the way to the right and then install the knife blade into adapter B.

Move the star wheels to the right Use Cricut knife blade to cut chipboard

Load the chipboard onto a strong grip cutting mat. Use masking tape to secure all four sides.

Use tape to hold chipboard on mat

After the first pass, it will let you know how many passes it will need to finish cutting.

Screen showing how many passes to go

I suggest checking your project about halfway through. Press pause on the machine, and then without unloading the mat, lift up an edge of your project and see if it is cut through. Mine took about 10 passes rather than 20. If you let it keep going, it will end up cutting through your mat.

Use weeding tool to see if chipboard is cut all the way through

Be careful when removing your chipboard, especially since this is an intricate piece. I should have probably let it do one more pass because there were a few places where the corners were not cut completely through. I used a craft knife to finish the cuts in these spots. Since chipboard is a layered material, you may have some pieces that come apart. Simply glue those back together. You won’t have this problem if you choose a thicker design.

Chipboard peeling apart

Next, use the same file to cut glitter vinyl in the same Merry Christmas letters. Use strong grip transfer tape to move it to the chipboard after weeding the excess vinyl.

Use transfer tape to add vinyl to chipboard

Carefully pull off transfer tape from glitter vinyl

I love how the chipboard gives this piece some weight and dimension for my wreath.

Chipboard Merry Christmas made with Cricut knife blade

How to Assemble the Paper Flower Christmas Wreath

Paper flower Christmas wreath

To assemble the wreath, I used floral wire to attach the pine cones to the wreath.

Paper pinecones made with Cricut Maker

I used hot glue to attach the star and the paper poinsettias.

3D star made with Cricut Maker

Paper poinsettias made with Cricut Maker

I attached the chipboard Merry Christmas with a little floral wire to allow it to hang down. I was able to mostly hide the wire using some of the branches.

Gold glitter and chipboard Merry Christmas made with Cricut Maker

I love the way this wreath turned out. It is so festive and fun and will be the perfect addition to my front door.

Christmas wreath made with the Cricut Maker machine

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