We have had a case of the sickies at our house. My son got sick first, then my daughter and I caught it, now my hubby has it. I haven’t had much time to do any crafts or any posts. I finally got a project checked off my list that I was going to do last Christmas!

I purchased a bunch of ball ornaments planning to make an ornament wreath. I am sure you have seen these all over blogland. As pretty as they are, I don’t really have anywhere else to hang a wreath in my house unless I want to get rid of some current decor (which I don’t!).

I then happened across a post by Pretty Quirky, where she made a lovely ornament garland and I was instantly smitten. I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do with all my ornaments I had purchased.

Ornament Garland

Supplies Needed:
  • Ball ornaments (colors of your choice)
  • Ribbon
I dumped all my ornaments out into bowls, so they would be easier to work with. I choose traditional colors of red, green and silver. I have actually started to incorporate more gold into my decorations, so I may re-do this next year with some gold ornaments added in.

The process is pretty simple. You just take your ribbon and start threading ornaments onto it.

I didn’t cut my ribbon until I had all the ornaments on because I wasn’t sure how long it would end up. I had to try three different kinds of ribbon. I originally wanted to use the glittery silver ribbon, but it was just too wide and was too difficult to string through my ornaments. I ended up using a really thin green ribbon I had in my stash. When you are purchasing your supplies, be sure to keep the size of the ornament hook in mind.
To finish off the ends, I just looped the ribbon around the last ornament hook.

Hang your garland. To make it more festive, I tied some decorative ribbon around each end since the skinny green ribbon didn’t look all that great! Here you can see the garland hung on our big window in our living room.

Some tips:
  • You can make this as full as you want. As you string your ornaments on, they will naturally start to bunch together and turn to make it very full. If you don’t want yours as full, I would suggest about every six inches or so tying a knot, so the ornaments don’t all bunch up.
  • You could easily hang several of these strands together to make them longer. I wouldn’t recommend using many more ornaments on one strand, as it is already very heavy.
Cost for this project:
  • 8 tubes of ornaments from Dollar Tree ($8.00)
  • Ribbon from Jo Anns ($0.50)
Total: $8.50

This project could be even less expensive if you are able to get ornaments on sale after the holidays!

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