Today, I am stopping in to give you a quick tip on organized Christmas lights. Once you take them off your tree and down from outside, it can be easy to just ball them up and throw them in a bin. However, the following year you have to spend a lot of time untangling everything. 

Simply cut a piece of cardboard to approximately the size of a sheet of paper. This is a great way to use up some of those leftover boxes you have lying around from online ordering. 

Start and one end and wrap your lights around the cardboard. You can then easily store these in a plastic bin.

Organized Christmas Lights - Laura's Crafty Life

Note: I have since upgraded to plastic organizers, but this method has served me well for years.

You can cut a small slit on either side to slip the cord ends into. Or simply tuck the cord ends in. No more tangled lights when you pull our your decorations next Christmas!

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  1. Makes perfect sense! My parent’s always struggle(d) with those flimsy plastic Christmas light bobbin things…that never kept things untangled anyway!! This would be much better, as you could wrap it from one side to the other and not over on itself a jillion times!!

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