Organized Art Supply Pouches. Organize your small art supplies in labeled pouches. You can create labels in minutes with the Cricut Explore.

Over the years our storage evolves and changes for many items in our home. I have shared how we store our art supplies that the kids use. We still do use this system for some things, but my daughter is the one that uses most of the crafting stuff we have. We switched the kid’s rooms and now my daughter has most of the art supplies in her walk-in closet. Today, I am going to share how we are storing some of her art supplies in pouches.

Organized Art Supply Pouches - use iron-on and your Cricut Explore to label canvas pouches

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Organized Art Supply Pouches

I purchased some zipper pouches at Walmart. They are thick and sturdy and have been working really well. We keep them in a three drawer rolling card in my daughter’s closet. But, since they are not see through, when we go to put things away, we ended up having to open each pouch.

I decided to make some labels using my Cricut and iron-on so we could easily find what was in each pouch. I started by creating a file in Cricut Design Space with the words I needed for each pouch. I used the Cricut font – Cartoon Script Com Roman.

Cartoon Script Com Roman - Cricut Font

Cricut Design Space File: Art Supply Pouches

Cricut Design Space - Art Supply Labels

Click the green Make It button. On the mat preview page, be sure to select mirror-image when working with iron-on. Click the green Continue button.

Place your iron-on shiny side down on the mat, load into the machine and set the Smart Set Dial to custom. Choose glitter iron-on from the menu.

Use Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut out glitter iron-on

After the Cricut has cut out the design, I use my BrightPad to help me weed the design. If you have worked with glitter vinyl or glitter iron-on before, you know how hard it can be to see your work as you are doing your weeding. The BrightPad makes it so easy!

BrightPad to help see glitter iron-on

I cut each word apart since each pouch is getting a separate word on the outside.

Helpful tip: I placed a cloth inside the pouch before using the EasyPress. The inner lining is almost plastic-y and the first one fused the pouch together. I was able to pull it apart but realized I needed to use something inside to keep it from happening in the other pouches.

I used the EasyPress to adhere the vinyl to the pouch. I set the temperature to 270° and the time for 40 seconds. The pouches are not cotton canvas so this was kind of a trial and error setting, but it worked great.

EasyPress to add glitter iron-on labels

Once the iron-on has cooled, pull off the clear liner and the pouches are ready to be filled.

Peel off liner from iron-on

Label canvas pouch to know what is inside

We have one with scissors. My daughter loves having all the specialty scissors I used to use when I first started scrapbooking.

Canvas pouch for scissors

Another pouch has markers.

Canvas pouch for markers

One pouch has pens, pencils, and highlighters.

Canvas pouch for pens and pencils

The last pouch has colored pencils.

Canvas pouch for colored pencils

All four pouches fit really well in our three drawer plastic storage cart. My daughter can pull out one (or all) of them at a time to do whatever art project she wants. And clean up is easy with the labels.

Art Supplies in pouches in plastic storage drawer

Organized Art Supply Pouches

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  1. I absolutely love your pouches. I guess I need to get a heat press so I can make some. I have pens and pencils coming out of my ears and I don’t have any kids living at home any more.
    Thank you for such a great idea!

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