Organize Your Holiday Menu Planner. Print out a free Thanksgiving menu planner and holiday menu planner to get organized this holiday season.

So far in the Organize Your Holiday series, we have purchased a holiday binder to get organized, filled out a holiday bucket list, printed out holiday calendars to keep track of all our holiday events and created a holiday budget so we can end the holiday debt free.

Free printable holiday menu planners. Add these to your holiday binder to get organized for the holidays and Thanksgiving. #laurascraftylife #freeprintable #menu #planners

Organize Your Holiday Menu Planners

Today, we are going to plan our holiday menus. I have a special sheet just for Thanksgiving since the holiday is so centered around food. It has a place for all the items you plan to prepare, as well as a place to jot down a shopping list. The lines are long enough that if you host a Thanksgiving dinner that is potluck style you have plenty of space to write down the name of who is bringing what next to each dish.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Menu Planner

Free printable Thanksgiving menu planner. Organize your holiday with a holiday binder. #laurascraftylife #thanksgiving #freeprintableDownload Thanksgiving Menu Planner

Free Printable Holiday Menu Planner

I also created a plain holiday menu planner that you could use for any holiday entertaining you do.

Free printable holiday menu planner. Organize your holiday with a holiday binder. #laurascraftylife #holiday #freeprintable #organize

Download Holiday Menu Planner

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It can be a good idea to take a freezer and pantry inventory before the rush of the holidays. You can find out what you already have and what you need to buy. I have a printable grocery list you can use for your weekly shopping trips.

Be sure to check out all the posts in the Organize Your Holiday series.

Organize Your Holiday. Create a holiday binder to organize everything holiday related for a relaxing and calm holiday season. Print out a free printable holiday bucket list. #laurascraftylife #organize #holiday #freeprintable

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