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If you read many craft blogs, then you are sure to be familiar with Mandi at Vintage Revivals. She is awesome and does some amazing work! She is hosting a contest again this year for an Epic Room Makeover Giveaway. Mandi has all these amazing sponsors and she comes to your house to help you fix up one room in your house if you win!

Sounds pretty great, right? To enter to win you have to submit why your room is worthy of an epic makeover. So I thought I would enter my laundry room. It really is so, so sad. So sad, I am pretty embarrassed to even show you these pictures. I didn’t clean before I took these photos, so it is even worse than usual. 

Our home is a manufactured. That, in and of itself, is not terrible. But, apparently the original homeowners were trying to cut some corners when purchasing the home. The majority of the house is taped and textured (basically just looks like a regular house), but the bathrooms, the kitchen and the laundry were not. 
What does this mean? Basically, the horrible vinyl wallpapered drywall is put up and then thin strips of trim are added over the seams. If you remember, I pulled all that crappy trim down in my kitchen and spackled, and then spackled some more so our kitchen would look like regular walls.
This was never done in the laundry room. Well, I take that back. The old homeowners did part of the room. And not very well either. There are still some strips of that trim in various places around our laundry room. 

There is some horrible trim to cover up the corners in the two pieces that stick out from the wall. Can you see up at the top that the trim doesn’t even reach up there? 

Our lighting is terrible. We have this tiny little brass globe light attached to the vaulted ceiling. It is almost impossible to see in there at night. 

Again, the old homeowners did some ‘upgrades’ with the cabinetry. (I swear they thought they were some version of Bob Villa, but really had no idea what they were doing!) They added a middle cabinet above the washer and dryer. This is actually great for storage, but it doesn’t exactly match and the three cabinets do not look cohesive. Also, I really need even more storage above those cabinets. There is so much crap stuff shoved up there that has no other home in our house.

They also added a ‘cabinet’ (and I use that term loosely) above the stand up freezer we have in there. There are no doors. It isn’t finished. Again, nice for storage, not so easy on the eyes. 

Remember that vinyl wallpaper I was talking to you about earlier? Well, apparently they ran out of time painting the laundry room before the house went on the market. They didn’t even attempt to cover up this part with paint. I know I live in Arizona, but this 90’s Southwestern wall paper really is not my style.

To the right of the unfinished cabinet is a small space where our water heater is housed. There is a piece of plywood covering the opening. It is screwed directly to the wall. It would be great to have a door on there, but nope, just a board!

Want to see the floors? (Don’t answer that, because I am going to show you anyways.) Again, the homeowners decided peel and stick tile was the way to go. Throughout my entire house, mind you. It is easy to clean, but after 7 years, this stuff is not holding up. At. All. 

Unfortunately, since we have a lab that eats everything, we have to keep the cat’s food and water dishes in here as well as the cat box. We keep a baby gate on the doorway between the kitchen and laundry room to keep the dog out and the cats crawl under there. We really have no where else in the house to put it, so I am not exactly sure what Mandi will be able to do about that, but I am sure she could think of something!

Today is the last day to enter the contest, so take some pictures quick and share your space to see if you can win. And if you don’t want to enter yourself, I would love it if you would vote for me when the voting starts tomorrow! (And yes, that is a shameless plug to all my readers to help me out!)

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