It is no secret I have a thing for fonts. Luckily, my laptop has plenty of storage to be able to download all the free fonts I want. I even have a whole Pinterest board dedicated just to fonts.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (one week away, in fact) and I thought I would round up some of the cutest, most fun Valentine fonts I can find! Go forth and make some adorable Valentine notes for your loved ones.

free valentine fonts

Cookie Monster | Heartland | True Stories | Love Letters | Fontdinerdotcom Luvable | Loveness Three | Heart Sweet Heart | Janda Swirly Twirly | Cupid de Locke | Sweet Hearts

(Simply click on the links above to download each font.)

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5 Comments on My Favorite Valentine Fonts

  1. Thank you, Laura! I love fonts also, ‘glad they don’t take up too much disk space… I found a program that will print a list of every font in your Fonts folder called(PrintMyFonts). You can tell it what text to print, for example, I typed all upper and lower case letters (instead of a sentence). You have the ability to output the list to various formats, including WORD, OneNote, any printer you have installed, and also to a PDF file if you have CutePDF Writer (free) installed on your computer. I prefer to output to a WORD doc so I can increase the size of the font a bit before printing my list. I have over 600 fonts so it takes a couple of minutes to set up the output… very cool tool though!!!

  2. Thank you for finding all of these and sharing them! It was so nice to be able to come to just one site to find several Valentine fonts to use. Love them all!

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