A few years ago I created a morning routine checklist for my son to get ready for school. It has served us well, but now that my kids are getting a little older and can both read, I thought it was time to create an updated version.

Free Printable Morning Routine

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Basically, it is a simple list of the things my kids have to do each morning before school. I feel like I am a broken record telling the kids the same things over and over every morning. Doing a similar responsibility chart like this over the summer really helped to keep the kids accountable and there was a lot less nagging from me.

Our morning routine looks like this:

  1. Get dressed
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Brush teeth
  4. Comb hair
  5. Check backpack – make sure folders, homework, lunch and water bottles are in there
  6. Put on jacket or sweater
  7. Go to school – for us, this means walking together to the bus stop

I still make their breakfast and lunches but everything else is their job to complete by themselves. The only thing I have to help with is fixing my daughter’s hair.

Our other morning routine chart had things like “go potty” and did not include combing hair since I used to do it for them. It also had pictures to help the kids know what to do even before they could read. It is a great first chart for a younger child.  This new morning routine printable will definitely help us for the next few years of elementary school.

I laminated this sign and hung it up by our big family calendar. I love anything that helps us have a smoother morning when the kids are back in school.

You can also get the coordinating evening routine printable in my Etsy shop.

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