All the Christmas decorations are down and my house is looking a little bare. The time between Christmas and Valentine’s Day I will leave up any winter decor that I have, like my snowflake wreath. Then, about three weeks before Valentine’s Day I will decorate my front table and gallery wall shelves with some Valentine’s Day decor. I don’t have much, so I thought it would be fun to create a little love vinyl wall art for my shelves.

Love Vinyl Wall Art - made with Cricut Explore Air 2

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Start by opening the Love Vinyl Wall Art file in Cricut Design Space. This image is part of the Valentine’s Day cartridge. It is included with an Access subscription. I hid a couple of the layers so I could only cut out two of the layers of the design. However, you could definitely layer more vinyl colors if you wanted. I sized the design to fit inside my 8 1/2″ x 11″ frame that I was using for this project.

Cricut Design Space - Love Vinyl Wall Art

Cricut Design Space File: Love Vinyl Wall Art file

Cut out both layers of vinyl using your Cricut Explore machine. Set the Smart Set Dial to vinyl.

Use Cricut to cut out vinyl Love letters

Weed the excess vinyl for both layers.

Weed vinyl for both layers of Love words

Use transfer tape to adhere the top layer (the one with the hearts) to the bottom layer of vinyl.

Apply transfer tape to vinyl

Apply top layer of vinyl to bottom layer

Clean the glass thoroughly from your frame so there is no residue or fingerprints on it. Apply your design to the glass using transfer tape.

Peel transfer tape off vinyl and glass

I had a plain black frame on hand, but wanted it to be gold, so I used some spray paint on the edges of the frame. This step is optional depending on your frame.Spray paint frame black

I added a white sheet of paper behind the glass, popped the glass back in the frame, and it is now ready to display.

Made with Cricut - Love Vinyl Wall Art

I love making wall art for my display shelves for the holidays. It is a quick and easy way to decorate for the holidays.

Love Vinyl Wall Art

Love Vinyl Wall Art - use your Cricut Explore to create this pretty wall art for Valentines Day

This project is part of the Cricut Valentine’s Day hosted by The Country Chic Cottage, 30 Minute Crafts, and 100 Directions.

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  1. Love these wall arts! These arts play an important role in interior design. These are the best ways to decorate the home beautifully. Thanks for sharing the great article.

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