Are you getting out your spring decorations yet? My plan is to decorate this weekend. It will be a mix of Easter, spring and St. Patrick’s Day.

Lighted Easter Egg Garland

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I found these adorable plastic see-through Easter eggs at Dollar Tree recently. I picked up a few packages knowing I wanted to make something with them. I have had an extra battery-powered LED light strand sitting around since after Christmas that I bought on clearance. I thought it would be so cute to combine the two to create a lighted Easter egg garland. 

Supplies to make lighted Easter egg garland

Supplies needed:

To start with, you will need to drill a hole in the top (or bottom) of each Easter egg. I used a 5/32″ drill bit, but you may need to use a different size for your particular light strand. You want to create a hole that is just big enough for the light to fit through.

Drill a hole in one end of the plastic egg

Do this for all your eggs and then place the lights into the drilled holes.

Insert light strand into drilled hole on plastic egg

This project is so easy and fun. It took me less than 10 minutes to complete the whole strand.

How to Create a Lighted Easter Egg Garland

DIY Lighted Easter Egg Garland - Laura's Crafty Life

Have you tried battery-operated light strands yet?

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