As a work from home mom with two kids, keeping them entertained during the summer can be a challenge. I hear lots of “I’m bored!” throughout the day. I like to have plenty of ideas for the kids so when they come to me not knowing what to do, I have some fun things planned. One of our favorite activities to do all together is build LEGO®s.

LEGO Storage and Organization ideas - Laura's Crafty LifeSometimes we buy the themed sets, but a lot of times we like to get creative and build anything we can think of using LEGO® Classics. LEGO Classic is great when you are first starting out since you don’t need any instructions and you can have hours of endless play. These bricks can help your child develop their creative skills with imaginative building play. Each of the sets includes a variety of classic LEGO bricks, a mix of special pieces, plus ideas to get you started. You can build houses, vehicles, animals, and more. And my favorite part about them is that the whole family can get in on the action.

One of the challenges once you start building up your LEGO collection is how to store them. If you have a smaller collection or are just starting out a small plastic container works great – like the one that comes with your LEGO Classic set. We love LEGOs so much we are keeping this smaller container in our new trailer we take camping.

LEGO Classic

For my daughter, I found a container that has locking handles with a top and bottom compartment. The bottom holds all the loose LEGO pieces and in the top bin, she keeps the projects she is building.

Use plastic storage bins to store small LEGO collections

For my son, we have been collecting LEGOs since he was about 5 (and he is now almost 10). Needless to say, he has a TON of LEGOs. We started with a large plastic bin, but we soon found it was hard to find the pieces we were looking for. So now, we sort them by color. To create our LEGO storage system, I used a small bookshelf we already had at the house. 

How to store and organize LEGOs

I purchased some inexpensive small plastic totes, removed the lids, and we sorted all the bricks and pieces by color.

Store LEGOs by color in plastic bins on a bookshelf

I purchased some lidded plastic bins that have locking handles to store manuals, minifigures, weapons, and special LEGO collections we have – like Ninjago and Chima. I labeled all the bins using vinyl and my Cricut Explore.

Store LEGO manuals and minifigures in locking lid plastic bins

We have a small plastic container for the Ninjago and Chima cards.

Use a small plastic container to store LEGO cards

I also purchased a small tackle box for my son to keep his most treasured smaller LEGO pieces in. This way he doesn’t have to dig through all the bins to find them.

Use a small plastic tackle box to store special LEGO pieces

Lastly, we needed a place to store finished LEGO creations. So, we installed a wood shelf with brackets above the LEGO bookshelf. My son keeps his favorite builds up there until he is ready to take them apart and build something new. As you can see, lately we have been building a lot of Minecraft sets.

Use a shelf to store completed LEGO builds

Helpful tip: Use a cookie sheet to contain current building projects. This works especially well when you are working on a themed set. It keeps them off the floor so you don’t have any “ouch” experiences with stepping on a LEGO!

Use a cookie sheet to keep LEGO pieces contained while building

We decided to have some fun by trying to build our world. We looked around the house for objects to recreate with our LEGOs. I started by trying to build my camera that I use for all my blog posts. My son got in on the action and helped me figure out some great ideas, like the little lens on the front. You can see the full build over on Instagram.

LEGO camera

My daughter decided she would create her bed with a pillow.

O building a LEGO bed

LEGO bed and pillow

She has some LEGO friends and decided to tuck one into bed with a LEGO blanket. It turned out so cute!

LEGO Friends bed pillow and blanket

My son decided he would build a monster truck like one of his other toys he has. He can come up with some of the most creative builds!

T building a LEGO monster truck

LEGO monster truck

Want more great LEGO inspiration? Check out this video from LEGO Systems and The Upright Citizens Brigade. They will show you all you need is a few bricks for hours of fun, inspiration and “out of the box thinking.”

“Don’t think” – just let your creative juices flow! What is your favorite LEGO build you have created?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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