I saw this great idea for Lego jar heads made from baby food jars on Pinterest. I knew right away that I wanted to do this as decoration for my son’s Lego Batman party.

I started by searching google images for pictures of all the different Lego Batman characters I wanted to do. Here were the ones I had thought about doing:
all images via Google Images
Now that I had the images I needed, I was ready to get to work on painting the jars. I had first planned on painting the face color on the outside of the jar. But then I saw this great post on Make It and Love It where she painted the inside of baby food jars to make pumpkins for Halloween. I knew this was the way to go so that when I added the face details it wouldn’t chip off the paint on the outside. 
So, I got to work painting the insides of the jar. Her tutorial is so well written, I am not going to bother repeating it. I did exactly what she did. I did take her advice to not add too much paint and allow them to drain for a while. I put the jars upside down in a small dixie cup to drain for about 10 minutes each. Then each jar was allowed to dry for one full day.
I used a sharpie to draw the details and painted all the colored parts. If I had to do it over I would have drawn all the details with different colored sharpies and not tried paint. The details were so small it would have been just easier to draw everything rather than trying to paint. I ran out of time though and didn’t have all the right colored sharpies.
I painted the lids the color the hair would be. I added “hair” details and masks with craft foam I cut out and hot glued on.
And here is how they turned out:

I think Mr. Freeze has to be my favorite. I ended up using an upside down candle holder to make his helmet and straws and rhinestones to make his breathing apparatus.
This idea could be adapted for any Lego themed party. These took a long time, but they were really fun to make. 

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18 Comments on Lego Batman Baby Food Jars

    • Any acrylic craft paint will work work great for the inside. For the outside I would recommend paint markers or sharpies. It was hard to do the detail work with regular acrylic paint and a paint brush.

  1. You have got THE cutest ideas for a Lego Batman Party! I wasn’t having much luck finding anything for my son’s upcoming party, then I stumbled upon your blog. Awesomeness :)

  2. These are the absolute cutest jars!! thank you thank you thank for the pictures. i stared at the screen and enjoyed myself immensely while making them. I will fill mine with spices for a game at a bridal shower i’m throwing this weekend. Love your creativity and willingness to inspire!

  3. wow, everything is awesome…you were really ahead of the trend with the lego batman weren’t you…I’m also doing a Batman party and you are inspiring our cupcakes and these are amazing, will try if I find time…thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for your sweet comment. I guess my son was ahead of the trend – it was his request for the party! ;) It made it tricky to plan the party though because we couldn’t find anything in the stores. However, it can be really fun to try to come up with ideas myself! Enjoy your party.

  4. Painting inside the jar sounds great. My concern is it safe to add candy? Will paint chips come loose?
    I teach summer BonnyEagle Lego Engineering and Robotics Camp and plan to pass these to each camper as I give them their certificates.

    • I think it is possible the paint would chip since it isn’t sealed. You could try it with wrapped candy, but I don’t think I would put unwrapped candy inside of the jars.

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