Are you STILL working on that kitchen, you ask? Why, yes we are. Needless to say, the spackling was a much more horrible time-consuming project than I would have expected. We are moving along, though. The spackling is finally done. The next project on our list was doing a cabinet makeover.

Cabinet Makeover without paint - before and after

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We also got the random cabinet that was added by the old homeowners stained and sealed to match the rest of the cabinets. This is what it looked like before.

unfinished cabinet 
This is what the cabinet looked like after a little sanding and staining.

finished cabinet

I cleaned and scrubbed the spackling dust, grease, grime and God only knows what else off the cabinets. I used Murphy’s Oil Soap and Pledge Revitalizing Oil. They almost looked like new!

before and after cleaning

I replaced the hideously ugly, non-matching brass and copper hardware with oil-rubbed bronze matching hardware. I am still not sure what the old homeowners were thinking using brass and white cabinet pulls and then copper knobs on the drawers. Needless to say, they didn’t match at all.

old hardware 1

old hardware 2

after cabinet hardware

It is amazing to me how a little hardware can totally change the look of the room.

cabinet before and after

All that is left of our original project is to prime and paint! That will be this weekend’s project. Sometime later this month we will be replacing our ugly laminate countertops with tile. This was an add-on project that was inspired by the rest of the makeover. You can’t have ugly countertops with a nicely painted kitchen, now can you?

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