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Do you subscribe to Family Fun magazine? If you have kids, it is a great source of inspiration for fun things to do with the kids – crafts, recipes, holiday activities, etc. I saw the idea to make tin can robots in a special edition issue of Family Fun.  

Kid's Craft - Tin Can Robots by Laura's Crafty Life

Supplies needed (contains affiliate links):

Step One:

Remove the labels from your cans. Wash and dry your cans. Be sure there are no rough edges where you removed the top. File down any rough edges, if necessary.

cans for robots

Step Two:

Gather robot parts. We used various nuts, bolts, screws, washers, etc. that we had in our workshop. We also used pipe cleaners, jewels, googly eyes, buttons, and beads.

parts to create robots

You will also need small magnets and a glue gun.

magnets for robots

Step Three:

Start assembling your robot parts. Use your imagination. The metal parts will stick to the magnets and no glue is necessary. For non-metal parts an adult can use a hot glue gun to adhere the parts to the magnets.

use glue gun for non-metal parts

Step Four:

Attach your robot parts to the can with the magnets to create faces or whatever your heart desires. The great thing about these robots is you can make new creations over and over again. Even though the actual preparation of the robot parts takes a short amount of time, my children happily played with them for over an hour! 

T making robots O making robots Tin Can Robot Ideas via Laura's Crafty Life Can Robot by Laura's Crafty Life

 What activities do you do to keep the kids busy in the summer?

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    • These have been so much fun! The magnets make it so they can re-create faces over and over again. And since most of the items were not glued if they become tired of them, I can simply put all the supplies away! Have a great weekend. xo, Laura

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