Today, I have a fun activity for you to do with your kids for St. Patrick’s Day. Did you know if you cut a green (or red, yellow, or orange) pepper in half it looks very similar to a shamrock shape? It does! Add a little green paint and you have a fun stamping activity for your kids to do. you may even have all the supplies on hand already!

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Supplies Needed:

When choosing a pepper for this project, I try to pick one with deep indentations on the side. This makes for a better shamrock shape.

Start by having an adult cut the green pepper in half. Do not cut it vertically or this project won’t work. Empty out the seeds, being careful to keep the veins intact.

 Spread some paint on a paper plate and dip the halved green pepper into the paint cut side down.

Note:  You can use any kind of paint. We used acrylic paint because it is what we had, but realize if this gets on clothing it can stain. If you have younger children or are worried about messes, use a washable kid’s paint instead.

Now it is time to have fun and let your kids stamp away! 

If they are older, have them add a little stem to each shamrock.

This craft doesn’t take long at all. Once the paint is dry your kids can decorate the inside of the shamrock shapes with faces, more paint or markers, stickers, or even glitter.

Helpful tip: Whenever we do painting projects, I always use one of our thin plastic cutting boards underneath the kid’s papers. This helps to contain some of the mess. The paint doesn’t bleed through onto the table and most of the mess is contained. I give them a quick rinse and then throw them into the dishwasher.

Do you have any fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts you have done with your kids? 

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