Making paper snowflakes an activity we did for our Christmas advent calendar, but it is a really fun craft to do any time in winter with the kids.

How to Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes - Laura's Crafty Life

If you use regular printer paper, folding it and having your small kids cut out shapes with those little kid scissors can be a challenge! Instead, we use coffee filters. The great thing is they are already shaped into a circle and they are thinner than regular paper, which makes them much easier to cut. (We also used notebook paper, which is thinner and easier to cut, if you don’t mind the lines.)

Coffee Filter Paper Snowflakes

Supplies needed:

  • Coffee filters
  • Scissors

supplies needed for paper snowflakes

Below is an overview of how you will fold your coffee filter to be able to cut out your paper snowflakes. This set of folds works with any kind of circle paper you may choose to use.

How to fold a paper snowflake

Step one: Flatten out your coffee filter and fold it in half.

flatten out coffee filter fold snowflake paper in half

Step two: Fold the coffee filter in half again and then unfold.

use fold crease as guide

Step three: Using the fold line as a guide, fold the coffee filter into thirds.

fold coffee fliter in thirds

fold snowflake in thirds again

Step four: Fold the coffee filter in half again.

fold snowflake for last time

Step five: Cut out your design. (If you Google snowflake patterns you can find some really cool designs.)

finished coffee filter snowflake

Step five: Open your snowflake and hang to display. You can tape fishing line to them and hang them from the ceiling. You can tape them to the window. This year I used some of my Christmas washi tapes to hang them.

hang paper snowflakes with washi tape

Have fun creating new, and more intricate designs. The ones you see here were made by me and my seven-year-old! Have fun!

Coffee Filter Paper Snowflake paper snowflakes on window How to make a paper snowflake finished paper snowflakes

How to Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes

coffee filter paper snowflakes

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6 Comments on Kid’s Craft: Easy Paper Snowflakes

    • Thanks so much! You can find them at most dollar stores and the grocery store. They are not too expensive. I have had the same big pack for crafting for about 3 or 4 years now and still have a ton left. :)

  1. Love this idea. We’ve done this for years and always love the way they turn out. Something else to try, go to a local coffee supply store or even coffee house and purchase some of their super large coffee filters. We bought 1000 of them for around $25 and they last for years. You can make huge snowflakes with them as well and they look fabulous.

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